Romance Inspiration


Have you ever felt run out of idea for being romantic to your couple? Hehe.
Some people claimed that they aren't romantic and don't need romance in their relationship. In my opinion, it's nonsense. I believe that every people have different levels of a romance, but everyone irrefutably need it. Some people want their couple for writing a poem, love letter or even a song, but some people prefer their couple to cook, do gardening together, or just a longer hug than usual.

At this post, I want to share you my biggest inspiration for romance: We Got Married (WGM) variety show! =D Yes, it's Korean. I've already mentioned it in my late post. Anyway, what is WGM for real? Based on Wikipedia, here is the definition:
We Got Married (Hangul우리 결혼했어요) is a South Korean reality variety show, one segment of the Sunday Sunday Nightprogram. First broadcast in 2008, the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the participants to reveal their thoughts and feelings.
I watched WGM since the second season, Nickkhun from 2PM and Victoria from f(x), Khuntoria couple. Then I watched Adam couple, Jo Kwon from 2AM and Son Ga In from Brown Eyed Girl. Two couples which I haven't finished are Lee Jang Woo (actor) and Ham Eun Jung (T-ara) and my favorite: Kang Sora (actress) and Lee Teuk (Super Junior). Because in every week they have mission card, they have many things to do together, and of course, mostly are romantic. After watching the show, there will a bunch of ideas to do with my boyfie. I always believe that sweet memories could be created, but bad memories happened out of our authority. So what I could do is trying to make the sweet as much as I could do. How? In a romantic way.

Talking about ideas, it will be left as idea if we don't make it real right? Last month, I tried make a surprise for Rendy. I've already planned for it from previous month. So, I am going to have a visit to Jogja for attending Sheila on 7 16th anniversary concert (Friday, May 18th). I acted like I can't spend many times there, and said that I'll come in Thursday, May 17th. Actually, I bought my ticket a day earlier. I also had my hotel booked before. Everything had planned carefully, but poor me, the surprise failed. I came to train station at the right time of trains depart. =(
Thanks God the rest was still went smoothly and sweet. The concert, the culinary promenade, souvenirs and even founding a home for us after our wedding. Yay! =D

One thing that happened in WGM and I really want to do the same is playing piano for Rendy. In TeukSo couple, both of them could play piano and they surprised each other with event which related with piano. Sora played "Summer" beautifully in Lee Teuk's high school, in their "preppy student" date. The atmosphere is nice and sweet. I can't find the scene in Youtube, so here I put how Joe Hisaishi played the song. Try to imagine if your couple play it specially for you. =')

Some of my friends said, especially girls, they are afraid when doing a romantic event. They afraid of failure, afraid of their image as "a girl should not do romantic thing", afraid of "too offensive girl" image. First, there always be failure possibility, but remember that there are success possibility too. If you don't give a try, you don't have both. Second, for image thingies: as long as I know, romance doesn't have gender or sex identity. You don't have to do it every time, and you MUST NOT do that. Relationship is mutual need and reciprocal. If your couple doesn't respond your romantic event at any stakes, you really need to re-think about your relationship. Third, relationship is not a battlefield where you should offense or defense. It's a web woven by you and your couple. You want it tight, strong, comfortable or weary, thin, fragile? Up to both of you. =)

So, as Neruda said:
"Don’t be afraid of sweetness. 
With or without us, sweetness will go on living. 
It’s in a man’s mouth, whether he’s eating or singing, 
that sweetness has its place."




Di tengah urutan dan data undangan yang mulai memanjang, sebuah pesan singkat yang masuk membuat telfon selulerku menyala-nyala. Rendy. Whoa, ada apa? Dia seharusnya sudah tidur sekarang. Lima detik kemudian senyumku melengkung lebih dari busur Srikandi. 

Sayang, aku mengucapimu sebagaimana sebulan lagi aku memperistrimu. 
Aku memberi selamat sesiap aku memberi cinta pada rumah tangga kita.
Aku mengirimkan doaku seperti aku berkirim rinduku untukmu. 
Kenanglah detik demi detik kisah kita, menit per menit degup jantung kita, sehingga hari ini bukan semata-mata engkau berulang tahun, tapi juga kita yang merayakan cinta dan kasih. 
Selamat ultah sayangku :*

Hampir saja terlupa bagaimana hari telah beralih, dan angka di umur saya berganti. Kalau bukan karena orang-orang tersayang di sekitar, hari ganti umur ini pun pasti berlalu datar-datar saja. =)

Adalah peringatan harlah ini menegaskan perlunya evaluasi, introspeksi terus menerus, apa kiranya kebaikan serta hal-hal yang harus diperjuangkan dengan istiqomah, juga yang harus ditinggalkan segera. Bertambah umur bagiku juga momen untuk memancangkan tujuan, menata rencana dan asa. Beruntung, sejak saat ini aku mendapat partner untuk memikirkannya bersama: merembugkan hidup keluarga kecil kami. ;;)

Selamat ulang tahun Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Donald Trump, Sheila Junniar, Qua-Li Surabaya Town Square, dan saya. Mari berdonor darah, karena hari ini juga Hari Donor Darah sedunia. Manse!*

picture from here

*Manse means Long Live in Hangul (Koreans alphabet)


The Two Halves of My Heart


Aigoo.... Lack of post, instead of my real life have a lot of stories made me confuse how to start it. I've been to Jogja, been doing wedding preparation, been learning how to drive, been here and there, et cetera. After this, I promise will tell the stories properly, because I will have several times in my home before my marriage. =)

Anyway, now I'm in love with the duet of Coldplay and Rihanna: Princess of China. I love how Rihanna's make up done. Simple but big effects!

My favorite lines:
Once upon a time we fell apartYou're holding in your hands the two halves of my heartOh oh oh, oh-oh-oh-oh