My Sister's Wedding: Day 1


Finally the day has come!

June 4th, 2011
Today my sister married. I still feeling uneasy with the crowd at home. Yawn over and over. Oh my goodness, sometimes I thought why does the marriage should be this complicated. My aunty said, we should do these tons of thing just for make a grandchild(ren)! =D

It's 8am and my sister just started being made up by the make up artist. I took a bath. Cold. Ah, I'm so sleepy! Thanks God there are cuties little nephews around to make us laugh or even a bit angry. Anyway, the akad or ijab qabul (the procession where the guardian literally ask and marrying bride & groom in moslem) will started at 10am. Hm, I thought I still have much more than enough time for preparing myself.

Omaga! The headman of registrar office had come! The bride hasn't ready, the groom hasn't arrived, I was still wearing this oogie-boogie-homie t-shirt. Argh!

I'm ready. Serving dishes to the headman and the crews. Let them eat. Let's take a breath. Pfiuuh.
{OST: Breath -- B2st}

Bopo looked sweaty. Every joke he told sounds crunchy. He stared at me with a very deep sight >> Where is the groom?!

Olala, finally the groom has come. Let's start it...

The bride just finished the make up. But she doesn't want to go to living room. You know why? It's hot. D'oh! Come on sis... >,<
mantene ngisis dulu. -_-"
Okay, bismillahirrohmanirrohim....

Wow, it's all done. Yeah, it's all done!
Sneak Peek >> as narcissistic as the bride: my nephew Daiva! =D


A Silent Night


A Saturday night in Surabaya without him is rarely happened in these 5 months. Tonight is the first if I'm not mistaken. He should go to outskirt of Malang for students field trip. Then it becomes a silent night. The clicks and taps into my cellular keypad was the only things heard. I try to suck up my times with many domestic work and my shirts business thingy.  I want this night over quickly. 

.... Dingin-dingin gitu apa kamu tak rindu aku?
Aku di sini menghabiskan waktu, berharap esok datang terburu-buru.

Sudah pasti bulan kubuang ke suatu siang.
Dan malam kuperintah untuk berdiet agar tak terlampau panjang.
Tidakkah aku sengaja keterlaluan?
Sekedar berunjuk rasa tentang rindu dan sayang.


It still continue, but let me keep the rest as mine. 


It's 25 Months, Beibi!


May 10th, 2009 - June 10th, 2011
25 months. 
I never thought time flies as a light. It's too fast. I can't believe to myself I could having a blog and write on it as long as this second. I'm so happy for my own "faith" to my blog. Dear beibi-blog, you've been 2 years and 1 month today!


Reading my first post here made me smirk and laugh. My grammar was shattered and undefinable. I'd just realize that this blog had already run in an exact way as I wanted & described in my 1st post. I love it. 

Related to faithfulness, there's a story behind it. When I was on junior high school, I learned karate. My parents, especially my mom didn't really like it. It run for a year. I was on green belt when I start being lazy and stop learning karate. I have another interesting things to do. My mom said that I won't be succeed if I always stop learning a thing in a middle of the process. It might be a little thing now (at that time), but it could implicate to other things in your life, including your spouse. Try to focus, be faithful, honest to yourself will make you as genuine person. 

It's been 2 years anyway. Ah, I don't know what should I say then. Happy reading & writing! 
PS: I've added new tag, series. It will lead you into my series post. Enjoy!
It was taken in June 11th , 2009. Missed one day. Hehe. Took by  Denan Bagus


It's June.


Instead of my birth-month, I always think June as my brightest month. 
There's always some achievement in my every June. 
And I want one for now.
Universe, be good to me.
Uhm, no. 
Be BEST at me.