5 Recently-Watched Korean Dramas!


1. I Have a Lover
It's my friend's word that made me want to give a look at this drama. She said, "Aah, I wonder if this is how life after marriage. We have a totally different problems, aren't we? You know, I just watched a drama..." and her story lingered. Then I decided to give this 50 episodes drama a go, a really rare decision. I used to watch drama in 10-20ish length, so it's a kind of stamina drenching to watch them, even before started! *ikykwim* I already sensed makjang (exaggerated) typical scenario-tone-expression, so I put my expectations at the lowest. Surprisingly, it turns out good enough for me. The chemistry between lead characters really stole my heart. I somehow absorbed by the simple things such a gesture, diction and the character's growth.

Well, sometimes I should read recap of some episodes, when the antagonists just being true evil like s/he's not even human. But I returned to watch all of the episodes, anyway. If I should give a reason for you to watch IHAL, it must be Ji Jin Hee & Han Hyojoo's act.
Rate : 7/10

2. Reply 1988 
I'm a Reply series' fan. From the previous two, I fell in love hardly to them. But I keep my expectation to the lowest for this one, because 2 series as big hit in a row was great, then the third? *fingercrossed* Well, the writer-nim answered me right away with beautiful daily problematic stories and I went cry many times. Overall, I love Reply 1988. If there is a minus point, perhaps I should say the romantic story-line that didn't quite pulling my heart as hard as the previous. Thanks to Ra Mi Ran and Jungpal, lovely antique mom and act-cool-but-so-warm son, I could survive happily and a bit pit-a-pat through the series. Ryu Jun-yeol, love! #teamjungpal #teamjunghwan
Rate: 8/10

3. Another Miss Oh (Oh Haeyoung Again) 

Presumption; I don't like Eric as an actor. Don't ask me why. For me, he's more variety type than acting one. But I love Seo Hyunjin, so I decided to watch the early episode. 

Fact: I love the drama! Eric's act too! Well, blame my age, now I love how "adult love story" than the "shy-pit-a-pat youth love story". I love how the girl character, where she's brave, straightforward, know what she wants & what she feels and love herself. I love the characterization and the soundtracks. And the greatest part: the chemistry & the physical attraction between the leads, daebak! Give them a chance, if you like rom-com and a bit splash of mystery. 
Rate: 8/10

4. Lucky Romance
Ryu Junyeol & Hwang Jungeum for Marie Claire
I watched this definitely for Ryu Junyeol. Hehe. I like how he act as Je Sooho, the genius-programmer-CEO-tinman in love. As my experience live between the geniuses for 2 years in hi-school, I could tell you that Je Sooho is really close to the reality to the overflowed IQ owner. But because of Hwang Jungeum as the woman lead, and the background set of the workplace and also the tone, I got the feeling of "She was Pretty 2.0" from Lucky Romance. Not a bad premise, story-line and actors but the dejavu feeling just keep afloat and it bothered me. I'm just happy for Ryu Junyeol, and that's enough reason to finish the drama. 
Rate: 7/10

5. I Remember You (Hello Monster)
This underrated drama should have a spotlight and standing ovation for the plot, storyline, cast, act and chemistry! If you like Sherlock-ish series, you really should watch this. I like how the character grows, how they made a mistake and solve them maturely. I also love how the loveline built, it's honest and somehow raw, just fit as the character developed in every episode. Seo Inguk acting is spread in broad emotion spectrum, Jang Nara also portrayed the detective character perfectly. Really recommended!
Rate: 9/10