I'm Back!


Wow, it's so dusty here! Hehe. Usually I'll say regret for not posting in a span of time, but I won't do that now because I'm happy! I'm happy because I know that I wasn't posting anything while focusing on my goals. I put more efforts than usual and all the feedback are amazing. I planned on my knitting project, did selfish knitting, made knitting related video and even the latest video have good response (100+ views in less than a week, I've already so proud, hahaha). And the best thing is I feel so energized to wake up everyday, feeling grateful because God gives me another day, another chance to make my goals closer and closer to become true. 

I feel more positive lately and I'll try to keep it up. Living to the dream is definitely the best way to live. How's your life dear fellas, anyway?

P.S.: Be my fellow in knitting journey in my Instagram @braavosknit. Kisses!