D-1: Behind The Scene of Project Tobong


Wah, time flies at the speed of light! Somehow I don't believe that tomorrow is the day of Offsite Project Launch at Tobong. It means I only have 8 days to the final work. Huhuhu. I'll definitely miss these routines: photoshoot, on the road all day long, editing, visit & have a laugh with people in Tobong. I used to it now. =')

Anyway, I want to show you "the behind the scenes" of Tobong Project. I made most of it, except those whose had me inside, hehe. So I show you the selection of my favorite include several shot from my Instagram. Be prepare, it's a lot! =D
My bosses back: Helen Marshall & Risang Yuwono.
Assistant photographer means: a lot of things to carry.
Our Duke with his high top boots and his lovely Blackberry. =P
The flashes left by their master.
Our kind-hearted flash master & the multi-function reflector. 
Captured! It's quite hard for portraying plane & mas Klowor at a good proportion. Pfiuh..
Can you see him? He is Pak Gembus, standing in the fence of Monjali. Crazy.
mas Banjir, me & mas Klowor. They dressed up as thieves. Cool & scary!
And, tomorrow, everyone's invited for coming to our Project Launch. You included, of course. Just come to Dusun Bayen, Purwomartani, Kalasan Yogyakarta. For more info about the place, click www.ketopraktobong.com. Join us! =)


Flypost, Et Cetera, Yada Yada


photo taken by Risang Yuwono
I've told you before that now is the beginning of busy time in my workplace. It is, and I wanna show you one of that I'm doing: flypost! You might be see these papers sticked in the street at Jogja in next few days. Hope it will attract more people to participate in our program.

And I thought it was just yesterday I post about friends visit, but today I've got another surprise visit from c2o library/ayorek fellas, and surprisingly my professor at the college: Dede Oetomo. Really really happy! I miss them so much before. Even tomorrow they could visit Tobong and see Ketoprak as well as seeing what I'm working now. Double happiness! I love when my lovely friends and families around me. Nothing compare. 
For sure. 

*smile ear to ear*


Visit Time!


Last week I feel so delighted because many friends visit me & Rendy in Jogja. First, Ryan & Asikin were here, then a bunch of Sinematografi UA fellas came to JAFF (Jogja Asia-Netpac Film Festival). They healed my missing feelings to Surabaya and daily conversation. Short, but meaningful. And now I'm on the beginning of busy time of the Tobong Project. Don't forget to follow our development in Facebook page or in Twitter. We'll show you our progress! 

Me, Ryan, Asikin & Rendy: at Lempuyangan Train Station.
Teetha, me & Rendy: in front of TBY, coincidently Red. =D
Rido, Ayu, Sofi, Nene,  Fatan, Rico, Arif 'Ohini', Abu and several friends from Solo. Happy!
And yes, you could check out my instagram too, ini @vinkamaharani or you could click here if you don't have an account. Enjoy! 


Daily Day


I'm getting busier by the project. Trying hard to balance between house-work and the project. It is hard, for sure. I even get a vertigo that I haven't had before. But still, I'm enjoying every phase of it happily. =)
You could visit Tobong project's website now: www.ketopraktobong.com. You could check the progress, everyday. And you could follow it in Twitter too: @ketopraktobong.

Anyway, being in work doesn't mean you should lose your happy time. I spent my last weekend at NgayogJazz 2012, in Brayut village, Sleman. I will tell you the complete story later. And I obviously explore Jogja more and more: new places, new peoples, new tastes, new happiness! For example, I have had dinner last week with colleagues in Kedai Kebun. Artsy for sure, because it is run by artist. I captured few pictures where they held an exhibition. Unique!
Book Play Project #01, this dragon made from paper!
The Dragon, closer look

"Frighten", It's only one word from a sentence. All of 'em were cut-out like this.  


Like The Page!


It has launched! The early step for bringing my-now-involved-project is by a Facebook page. I'm proudly introduce you: Ketoprak Tobong project. =)
Until next 2 months, my post will be including Project Tobong, I guess. Perhaps, a lot of behind the scene things also comes up. We haven't know that yet. But, try to give some  attention and participate fellas. At least, by clicking Likes in 


A Great Day to Remember


It's already 4 months passed, since the wedding. Life's getting better and better. Sometimes I wander with my mind and said to myself: this is how "mature" life that I wondered when I still a kid. Up and down, arguing here and there, and almost too many laughs and loves wraps us: 
my little world called as family

Obama's fate as a president destined today, but the only thing about him get through my head is how he told a story about family in Oprah Show. He said, after having a different status as a president, everything's change. He could not do anything he would do, what he usually did. Then he realized, how he should be thankful and grateful into every moment when those usual things could happen naturally. He used to walk and talk with the neighbors, walk with his daughter to the park and push the swings for her. He said, perhaps he's already made policies with many pro-cons, criticized everywhere, raised many doubt of being legitimate president and et cetera. But he's really sure, he wouldn't put it in his thought at the end of the day. He's prefer to remember how he spent his summer holiday with his family: walking up the hill while holding Michele's, teaching Sasha and Malia throwing pebbles in Maine. 

I woke up this morning, have my husband's writing in newspaper, inhale fresh air while going to nearby market, got an expensive-freebies-ice cream for my phone credit's buying, have big half of watermelon in my fridge, sun shines brightly and tonight I will watch JHF's (Jogja Hiphop Foundation) concert. What could I ask for more? 

I'm really sure, this is a great day to remember at the end of my day. 

PS: Kalau anda sedang ragu-ragu memutuskan untuk (segera) menikah atau tidak,
tontonlah video ini. Sampai detik terakhirnya. ;)


#2 RC


Sebenarnya sih udah bikin beberapa kue, tapi yg kebetulan inget bikin fotonya cuma rainbow cake aja. Jadi, ini laporan hasil bikin rainbow cake yang kedua. Udah punya 2 spuit, tapi kayaknya salah beli, karena ga tau fungsi spuit masing-masing untuk apa. Dapetnya ternyata untuk pola anyaman dan bunga/bintang. Jadi dekornya jg masih seadanya aja. Cincay lah, kata suami udah meningkat dibanding sebelumnya yg belepotan. Hehehe. 

Lapisannya udah lebih rapi. yay!


Bad Boy


Yesterday, I just finished "Pasta" (Korean TV series). The plot is quite simple but also realistic and well-delivered. In short, the story goes from a girl who struggle for chef position in an Italian restaurant, after 3 years being an assistant only. Unlucky (or very lucky, instead), the head chef replaced into a new devilish, arrogant, cruel, harsh yet brilliant guy whose later falling in love with the girl. 

I watched it with a lot of fun, mainly because I feel a connection and many "deja-vu"s splattered on their scene. Rendy is merely fit into head chef's character. His words could stabbed you right away, no yell or shout indeed. We always arguing, time by time. His aura is intimidating, ask his students. Let's not mentioning his arrogance, it makes he seems too bad. Hahaha. Until now, it's amazed me how I could fall deeply (too deep, maybe) into this bad boy and let him to be my husband. How come? =D

Matter of fact, girls (almost) always fall in love into bad boy, even at the end they usually prefer for marrying a good boy. I'm lucky I don't have to *grin*. The big question is: why do we always fall in love with bad boy? At least, have a heart for them. Why? 

Perhaps, it's about the paradox. When someone could be so arrogant, then put lower his dignity to say and express their love, it always feel nice. Or when he look like careless to everything, but actually put some attention to us, it is lovely. We've already used to into the stiffness, the harsh and strong character, but when he show his delicacy only in a person, whose heart can't be melted

Come on, how Juna Rorimpandey's tears could be a very hot topic for Masterchef Indonesia's viewers? How Ariel still be loved even after a few years spent behind the bars? Very interesting. 

Human's trying to find a couple based on two: similarities and opposites. Similarities could help you get along easier with your couple. The same hobby will make your conversations never boring, have same activities make you close more and more. But human also search their complementary, thus, they attracted to opposites. 
My bad boy in our early relationship. Look at his pose & gesture. =P
I feel grateful that I could find a spouse whose have many similarities & also opposites. I'm a "Miss Late" and he's a punctual man. I'm very stupid in music, and he's an expert in guitar, notice a note very well. I'm a total capitalist, he's merely a socialist in mind. We both have a high pride, perfectionist in our own way, and strong in different things. Et cetera, yada yada. 

Last question crossed my mind when I think about this topic. Then, if I have a son, which way that I should teach him: being a good or bad boy? I don't want he'll having a rough time in romance, definitely. =D


Detil, Resourceful & Konsisten


Ketiga kata di atas adalah simpulan yang saya dapatkan dari kultwit Pak Bondan Winarno kemarin, di akun twitter-nya dengan kode tagar #foodies. Beliau memaparkan beberapa hal, dikhususkan untuk foodies (penggemar makan/kuliner). Tapi, hemat saya, ini tidak hanya bisa diterapkan dalam urusan icip-icip dan menikmati makanan. Lebih dari itu. Biar tidak penasaran, berikut kutipan lengkapnya. 

  1. Mulailah 'memelihara' food diary (di buku kecil, notes di HP, dll) ttg makanan/minuman yg Anda nikmati. Catat namanya dgn benar.
  2. Catat nama dan alamat tempat Anda makan. Catat juga experience Anda ttg makanan/minuman yg dinikmati secara agak rinci.
  3. Bila perlu, buat foto dari makanan/minuman itu. Catat harga. Bila berguna utk Anda, catat koordinat lat/lon tempat tsb.
  4. Tambahkan/mutakhirkan catatan bila Anda mendapat info lain. Google untuk mendapat bandingan dgn pengalaman orang lain.
  5. Mulailah berkesadaran utk menjadi orang yg resourceful. Bukan orang yang bertanya, lalu lupa, lalu bertanya lagi.
  6. Jangan bertanya bila Anda tidak mencatat. Anda semua bisa menjadi pemerhati kuliner andal bila alatnya bukan sekadar lidah/perut

Sederhana? Ya, memang. Tapi menusuk di beberapa kalimat yang ditebalkan, terutama bagi saya yang susah istiqomah dalam menjalani hobi atau pekerjaan. Saya kerap bosan, mudah tertarik hal baru dan lupa hal lama. Hasilnya, tidak ada satu pun yang benar-benar saya dalami, kecuali Gathotkaca Studio. Hmm. 

Dalam kultwit tersebut, Pak Bondan menyebutkan tips yang agak "lain": pencatatan koordinat latitude & longitude tempat kuliner, pemutakhiran catatan. Rasanya kok terlalu ndakik-ndakik dan di awang-awang ya tentang koordinat posisi tempat makan. Memang sih, jejaring sosial 4square saja sudah bisa membantu kita untuk melakukannya. Tetapi, apa sebegitu penting? Sisi lain di otak saya menjawab, tentu penting! Standar apa yang kira-kira bisa digunakan dan telah disetujui dunia untuk menyatakan tempat? Di film-film saja, ketika menentukan target, memakai koordinat pula kan Von? He just try to bring you further than you're imagined: world standardization.

Well, sedikit melompat. Jujur saja, saya dulu sangat sinis bin iri terhadap "wisata kuliner" yang dipandu oleh Pak Bondan Winarno. Bagaimana tidak, siapa kiranya yang mampu menandingi kayanya adjektiva jurnalis yang laporan investigasinya diakui dunia? Investigasi menuntut kejelian, kepandaian merekam informasi dan kemampuan deskripsi yang tajam dan presisi. Lha sudah biasa dengan kasus besar, kok sekarang jadi "kasus kecil-kecil" yaitu makanan. Tapi ya ujung-ujungnya saya harus mengakui kekaguman saya pada cara Pak Bondan menerapkan metode beliau, tak peduli besar kecilnya kasus: (super) detil. 

Saya belum menemukan padanan kata asing ini. Artiannya dapat merentang dari kreatif, cerdik, pandai, hingga jujur. Resourceful mampu merekam seluruh sifat-sifat tersebut menjadi satu. Jika dijabarkan seperti apa itu 'menjadi resourceful'? Maka yang paling mendekati penjelasan Pak Bondan adalah orang yang mampu menghargai informasi yang ia dapat, menyimpannya baik-baik dan dimanfaatkan di saat yang tepat. 

Kalau dingat-ingat, rasanya memang sering saya jengkel pada orang yang seusai bertanya lalu bertanya lagi atas penjelasan yang sama. Saya juga lebih jengkel kepada diri saya sendiri ketika ada di posisi tersebut hanya karena lupa tidak mencatatnya dengan baik, atau lebih parah, lupa mencatatnya di mana. My bad habit. =(

Kata ini adalah salah satu topik yang teratur saya tuliskan di blog ini, minimal tiap tahun. Bukan apa-apa, tetapi ini memang penyakit lama dan sering kambuh bagi saya, hingga perlu rasanya berkali-kali mengingatkan diri sendiri. Saya sangat bersyukur atas anugerah-Nya, saya mampu memelajari sesuatu hal dengan cepat. Hal ini membantu saya dalam beradaptasi, bersosialisasi hingga proses mencari rejeki. Tetapi di sisi lain saya juga memiliki kekurangan untuk tidak bisa tekun, tak mampu bersabar cukup lama untuk memerangi rasa bosan dan enggan yang menghampiri, serta ketertarikan pada hal baru yang dapat tumbuh dengan pesat dalam waktu singkat. Well, get some lose some

Ketika dibaca berulang kali, semakin terasa bahwa hal-hal ini (ketekunan, atensi pada detil dan being resourceful) yang belum saya lakukan untuk menghayati hidup saya, untuk menjaga passion dan mencapai tujuan utama. Jalan masih panjang Bung, dan ia luas terbentang. Mari terus berusaha!


PS. Maaf ya Pak Bondan, karena pernah sirik dan iri. Kapan-kapan saya sampaikan langsung permintaan maaf ini, in person. =)


QoTD: Which phase?


"Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. 
And sometimes, when you fall, you fly"
-- Neil Gaiman


Dimples Couple


I can't help my tears for coming out when I watched last episode of Leeteuk & Kang Sora (We Got Married, Korean variety show). They really matched each other. Even with the parents. T_T
Aren't they cute? Just as a fairytale couple..
TeukSo at their school date, when Sora plays "Summer" for Teuk-ssi. Fave!
I've already told you about WGM earlier in here and here. I always love how this shows taught me on how you should and should not treat your spouse. After a round up, it's always sincerity as the most important thing in relationship. 
Well, Dimples couple, I'll miss both of you!


My First Rainbow Cake!


It's not because of last Masterchef Indonesia's challenge which make the participants should make a rainbow cake. I have a willing to make it since a long time ago, before married, when Rendy want to try but cancelling because trying to save more pennies to our marriage. Well, the second reason why I try to bake (steam, actually) the cake is NCCRainboweeks that just passed 2 weeks ago. You could visit their blog and start drooling, haha.

I found NCC (Natural Cooking Club), as a community where I would join happily. They share and encourage each other for having new invention and creation in any cooking experience. Just imagine, how 9.000's food & cooking enthusiasts gathered and emerged.  I've registered but haven't approved by the administrator. Hiks. =(

Anyway, here it is. I am not satisfied yet, but the taste is beyond my expectation and I'm really happy. I almost could not believe, how this cake with the dimension 15cmx15cmx17,5cm only need 38.000 IDR/4 USD for all of the ingredients! I should learn cooking more and more... 
Decoration inspired by the fact that Rendy is Slank fans and an activist. Hehe.

The color of red layer didn't come out well...


QoTD: Have You?


"It is one of the beautiful compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. "


Senpai's Wedding!


Hari Minggu kemaren (9/9), pertama kalinya saya menghadiri pernikahan alias kondangan, setelah pernikahan saya sendiri. mas Agyl --yang kakak kelas di kelas Akselerasi dan adik bungsu dari sahabat dekat saya, pak Ardhy-- menggenapkan separuh diennya dengan mbak Isti. Beruntung, karena rumah mbak Isti di Semanu, Gunung Kidul, saya jadi bisa menghadiri momen indah ini. 

Berbekalkan peta undangan, arahan Google Maps serta sebotol air minum, pukul setengah sepuluh saya dan Rendy bersemangat menempuh perjalanan. Tiga puluh empat kilo sekian meter. Itu yang tertulis di layar laptop untuk memperkirakan jarak Banguntapan-Semanu. Santai lah, itung-itung jalan-jalan... Tak disangka ternyata rute yang mendaki dan belokan tajam berulang kali muncul dan bikin deg-degan. Apalagi setelah botol air minum kami jatuh karena cantolannya putus. Hampir satu jam perjalanan hingga kami menemukan alun-alun Wonosari, yang berarti tujuan sudah dekat. Sempat nyasar sebentar, tapi akhirnya sampai dengan selamat.
Sejak dulu setiap lihat berita di televisi, daerah Gunung Kidul selalu ditampilkan dengan kekeringan, gersang. Kali ini saya menyaksikan sendiri, ternyata memang kering, tanahnya gradasi dari putih, abu hingga coklat muda karena didominasi oleh kapur. Tetapi entah, kawasan karst ini menurut saya eksotis. Andai saya punya kamera yang ciamik, rasanya sepanjang jalan ingin berhenti berkali-kali mengabadikan pemandangan yang seksi. Dan herannya, angin yang berhembus terasa sejuk, padahal mentari sedang terik-teriknya. 

Tanah Gunung Kidul
Saya sempat #salahfokus ketika tiba di lokasi. Mata ini langsung berbinar melihat bagaimana dekor, katering,   sudut hiburan ditata sedemikian rupa. Maklum, melankolis, yang diperhatikan malah detil-detil seupil. Pesta atau jamuan pernikahan di tiap daerah selalu menarik untuk diamati (dan dinikmati). Tetapi, saya kemudian benar-benar #salahfokus ketika melihat bagaimana acara ini didokumentasikan. Sebagai alumni UKM kebanggaan: Sinematografi UA, saya tertegun beberapa saat melihat body pod dipadu camera (dolly) track slider untuk merekam "sine-manten". Mantab!

The video-grapher (Jm Tod) troops (photo: his courtesy)
Ketika pulang, saya meminta kepada Rendy untuk rehat sejenak di Bukit Bintang. Selain meregangkan otot-otot yang lumayan kaku, penasaran juga mengapa daerah ini jadi tempat jujugan muda-mudi berwisata. Ternyata letak Bukit Bintang memang pas untuk melihat lalu lintas perkotaan yang bagaikan miniatur jika dipandang dari sini. Udara bersih, minuman segar, juga tangan kekasih(ku) di genggaman. 
#asyeeekk =D

Negeri Tanpa Tepi
Oh iya, tulisan tentang pernikahan tanpa foto pengantin rasanya tidak tepat. Ini dia kedua mempelai. Sekali lagi, barakallah mas Agyl & mbak Isti! 

(photo by Emha Bayu Miftahullatif)


I am Not Half Awake


I've already had my umpteenth time of hearing the same question: 
are you conscious enough for marrying him/her?

If you are a newlywed, or having friend/relatives whose just married, I bet you will hear this often too. Many people used to have a joke by saying this. It's quite funny at the first, because then the dirty little secret about the spouse will leaked out. Old friends will say that he's so naughty in the past, very nosy, or she's a nonstop chatterbox, eating like a monster, etc. But when the conversation goes further, when the questions flare, you really don't know how does it start and something could suddenly burnt. Perhaps someone's heart, mind, or the worst, friendship and another kind relationship.

It really becomes not funny at all when question with "superlative and comparative form" comes out. She is too beautiful for you (with uproar laughing), he is too handsome for you (with frowning forehead and wide smile), blablabla. You probably could say that "he's really lucky to have her", as I really sure another people who know the groom better will say vice versa. I could accept sarcasm, but mockery is really not my cup of tea. *shrug*

Somehow, in my opinion, questioning about people's consideration at marriage is weird. I thought, every people just agreed about the weight of marriage commitment, even people who choose for not being married. It becomes silly. Of course, they didn't sleep when they choose to say "I do". I believe that a man and woman who mentally healthy, will do several deep thoughts before their marriage. Let's respect each other as a human being, a creature with mind and feeling, who could think and decide the best path for themselves. 

Maybe, this writing sounds angry. Not really. I just want to speak out my mind, nothing more. Kisses! 


Wrap The Holiday!


How about your holiday, fellas? Mine was great. It is my first Eid el Fithri with my hubby, doing the real "mudik" from Jogja to Surabaya and Mojosari by train, thinking about the budget for this holiday, etc.
Tugu Station, Jogjakarta. Waiting Sancaka. 
Rendy helping Abhi with Animallion. Animal Batallion. =D
Going home always growing spirit, reminding me about dreams that I should pursue, then synchronized it with new dreams that I had with my own family now. =)

Anyway, today I cooked Nasi Uduk. It's the second actually, but I still amazed with the magic of the process. I can't believe these tiny spices could turn my ordinary rice into delicious rice. Yummy! 
The spices
I use 1 piece of galangal, 1 stalk lemongrass, 3 bay leaves, a pinch of coriander, salt, and coconut milk. I use as much as 350 grams of rice menthik, 435 ml of water and 65 ml coconut milk (1 sachet of instant coconut milk). Grind coriander and salt, mixed with coconut milk. Wash the rice, and mix all the spices and water, put in the rice cooker. When it is half cooked, open the lid, stir the rice then closed again. Let it cooked and you've got your delicious Nasi Uduk! 




Kata Quraish Shihab 2 hari yang lalu, bersyukur itu tidak hanya berterima kasih. Bersyukur: selalu menganggap pemberian yang sedikit itu sudah terlampau banyak dan selalu merasa baru memberi sedikit meski secara jumlah sudah cukup banyak. 

Akhirnya sore kemarin saya berhasil menyampaikan salam seorang teman kepada Ibu dan keluarga. Alhamdulillah, saya tidak sampai menangis. Teman ini sudah cukup dekat dengan keluarga, sehingga ketika mendengar kabar keberhasilannya melewati skripsi, sidang dan revisi, Ibu mengucap syukur berkali-kali. Berarti ia akan lulus, wisuda, kembali ke tanah kelahirannya. Dan saya akan kehilangan kehadiran teman terbaik saya.

Kanti, namanya. Pertama kali mengenal karena ia mengikuti proses pendadaran unit kegiatan mahasiswa Sinematografi tahun 2007. Saya yang merancang dan menjalankan program itu, dan jadi orang tergalak buat peserta saat itu. Tepat setahun kemudian, Kanti menjalankan peran yang sama. Lebih galak tapi, dibanding saya. Hehe. Mimpi (ter)buruk bagi peserta (dan panitia) pendadaran mungkin untuk tahun kemarin. Saya dan Kanti sama-sama hadir, dan jadi duet maut senior cewek tergalak mungkin sepanjang sejarah. Maaf ya. =D

ki-ka: Saya dan Kanti ngecek tingkat kekuningan lidah. Wek!
Banyak yang bilang sifat saya dan Kanti mirip: keras kepala, keras, ekspresif. Iya sih, memang. Tetapi bukan sifat-sifat itu yang membuat pertemanan ini menjadi rapat. Terus terang dan logis. Itu. Mau kami tengkar sehebat apa pun (iya, kami juga bertengkar), akan mudah mereda ketika penjelasan-penjelasannya berterima dengan akal. Mau sesakit apa kata-kata atau nasehat yang terlontar satu sama lain, akan diakui karena kenyataan yang terjadi sama pahitnya. 

Kadang saya sempat kesal juga pada Tuhan, kenapa Ia mempertemukan saya dengan orang-orang yang tidak bisa saya temui lagi, tidak diberi kesempatan untuk membalas kebaikan mereka. Kanti misalnya, sejak awal kenal, ketika saya tanya tentang rencana hidupnya, dengan mantap dijawab akan kembali dan berkarya di Pekanbaru. Tinggal, menetap, berkeluarga dan berumah tangga di sana. Sejak saat itu pula saya sadar bahwa pertemanan pun sepertinya punya masa tayang. Terbatas.

Namun saya sepertinya lupa diri. Jika diingat-ingat, saya juga meninggalkan teman-teman saya di Tulangan, di Mojosari, bahkan juga yang di Surabaya, karena sekarang saya tinggal di Yogyakarta. Mungkin juga ada teman saya yang dulu juga kecewa, ketika saya seharusnya bisa membantu, menghibur atau sekedar berbagi tawa, tapi saya tidak ada di situ. Maaf. 

Pertemuan - perpisahan, asing kemudian saling kenal, sekarang saya sadar betul kewajaran peristiwa ini dalam alur hidup. Dan harusnya saya mulai belajar bersyukur. Berterima kasih karena 5 tahun berselang, dengan berbagai momentum [saya lulus, kerja, gaji pertama, lamaran, menikah, Kanti pacaran, putus, digebet banyak cowok, ga ada satupun yang jadi, ups!] hingga hal-hal wajar sehari-hari [nyulik Kanti buat brunch di cak Sandi, mendadak nonton di Lenmarc yang jauh minta ampun, nonton gigs, nggosip, berlama-lama di toko buku atau toko grosir, blablabla. Maturnuwun sanget Gusti. 

Dan sekarang harus belajar untuk merasa bahwa saya masih belum memberikan apa-apa sebagai rasa syukur itu sendiri. Belajar menggunakan berbagai upaya agar pertemanan ini terjalin. Belajar berusaha, untuk membuat teman-teman saya tidak kehilangan dan tetap menganggap saya sebagai temannya. Bismillah. 
Kembaran ciput. =D
PS: Saya dan Rendy sedang mudik ke Surabaya. Pulang. Happy Eid! =*


Make It Stick!


Have you ever tried "wall sticker"? You know, the sticker to be put on the wall to decorate your room/home more (like the picture below). Nowadays, it's kind of happening here. At least in online shops which spread in Facebook and successfully made me drooling and want to try it in my home. I've already contacted the seller to ask the availability. Lucky me, several of my choices didn't available. Why do I said so? Because the next day I went to SunMor market (an abbreviation of Sunday Morning) in Gajah Mada University's valley, and I found several wall sticker sellers there! With same products, same designs as the online shop sells. 
taken from Qiew Shop catalog

I bought some of it and try to apply as soon as I can. Surprisingly, it demands a lot of patient and thoroughness because the material very thin, as weary as a layer of pastry. It could easily tore and my fingers sometimes too emotional. Hehe. 

Because of my less calculated brain for the spatial, my wall still look empty after I stuck the sticker. Whatever. I still have my [so-called] living room to decorate. Yay! 
Pardon the difference of paint and sticker's background. =P


Making Love Out of Nothing At All


It's been several day, where "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" (MLOoNAA) aired in our home again and again. Hehe. Not the old Air Supply original version, but Regina (Indonesian Idol 2012 winner) feat Judika. I don't know who the vocal director is, but s/he successfully turned the song into perfect duet song. Four thumbs up!

Personally, I always love songs with beautiful lyric. MLOoNAA [what an abbreviation, haha] captured me at the first time just by its words. Definitely lovely. 
I like to scrutinize the style of the lyric writing too. It boasts in the beginning, but suddenly give a paradoxical twist at the middle. It doubled the romantic & poetic effect. Just read the song leisurely, and hear the song for make it complete. =)

I know just how to whisper
And I know just how to cry
I know just where to find the answers
And I know just how to lie
I know just how to fake it
And I know just how to scheme
I know just when to face the truth
And then I know just when to dream

And I know just where to touch you
And I know just what to prove
I know when to pull you closer
And I know when to let you loose
And I know the night is fading
And I know the time's gonna fly
And I'm never gonna tell you
Everything I gotta tell you
But I know I gotta give it a try

And I know the roads to riches
And I know the ways to fame
I know all the rules
And I know how to break 'em
And I always know the name of the game

But I don't know how to leave you
And I'll never let you fall
And I don't know how you do it
Making love out of nothing at all

Everytime I see you all the rays of the sun
Are streaming through the waves in your hair
And every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes
Like a spotlight

The beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost
And it's looking for a rhythm like you
You can take the darkness from the pit of the night
And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright

I've gotta follow it 'cause everything I know
Well it's nothing till I give it to you


A Punctual Gift (Hadiah yang Tepat Waktu)


A day before yesterday, I met Kat and Andriew (close fellow from c2o) in Jogja. Ha! Somehow it feels different, have a meeting with friends from hometown, right at your new neighborhood, in new place you've never met. And I just realized, how I really miss the moments with them. Moments with old & casual friends, talking from nothing to something, babble about dreams and ordinary life. You'll know how precious a usual event when you find it become unusual. =)

Kat asked me and Rendy to meet in Lir, comfortable corner with mind-catching tagline [Books | Resto | Curiosities]. Got introduced with the owner, Dito and also Antariksa, chingu from Kunci. Silaturahmi always bring joy and at this time, those bliss really on my side. Kat gave me books and map (yay!) because she read on my previous post in this blog that I have difficulties for having them in nowadays. I really surprised, especially for the map. It will be my guidance and early target for my promenade here. Just need a second to take a look and the passion to this city was sizzling to the bone. Haha. Hope I have a time to bear and share it all to you. Thanks a lot Kat! 


Be Happy There, Pakde


Suddenly went home yesterday, because Pakde To, Rendy's uncle passed away. T_T
I still remember clearly, he's the one who enthusiastically told me the whole "family tree" in my first encounter with Rendy's family. He helped me for vanishing the awkward situation by actively introduced me many things related to the big family. 

I feel lucky for having a chance to meet him. Hope he's happy now in His side. Amien. 




It's already 11pm, but I have a bunch random things in my head. Need to write it up or I'll be a perfect insomniac while waiting the sahur time: super exhausting. =|

1. Want to make a Paypal account for having a Pro-Toshl, but my debit card lost so I should wait until the new in my hand. 
You know, as a newly wed, one thing I should learn more and more is about financial plan. I do really interested in Toshl, a well designed and friendly-user application to help me do that. Salivating immediately for make this application as mine, in Pro edition off course. =3

2. Directly addicted to www.instructables.com
I don't think I should explain this. Just try to click and if you're not inspired, I doubt you as a human. Perhaps an alien or droid. =P

3. What should I do with the broccoli? 
I have broccoli in my fridge. When I bought it, I want to blanch then deep-frying this green veggie. But I don't know why, I'm losing my appetite to do so. Ottoke?

4. Bringing back the fit & active me!
Only 8 days in Jogja, except the beginning 2 days and I spent my days suffering many sickness in the rest. Phew. I guess it's all about the weather. Jogja is quite chill. And I've already used to the hot Surabaya. Influenza, cough, asthma, fever, sprue. I should adapt to the cycle of fasting month too. Lalala. I miss falling asleep because I'm tired after many activities, not because of sick. I will try as hard as possible to be healthy. Fighting!

5. I am a hubby's newbie assistant. Ha!
Lately, my hubby has a project which took many energies to be completed. I'm glad he's tried to make me involved. Perhaps by helping him write-copy things in formal writing, I could gather my confidence in writing a piece or two. =) *crossed my finger*

6. Library, bibliotheque, book-club. I miss 'em...
Books are my guilty pleasure, best friend and endless source for my life. I will start to find my oase in this town. Already googled-it-up and found that Jogja has many. But finding the comfortable one is always another thing. Wish me luck! 

warmest regards from Jogja,
Vinka Maharani