Review #belajarzerowaste Menuju Rumah Minim Sampah oleh DK Wardhani


#belajarzerowaste Menuju Rumah Minim Sampah#belajarzerowaste Menuju Rumah Minim Sampah by DK Wardhani

Awalnya tertarik karena baca review buku ini dari Kakak Ocy. Karena penasaran akhirnya pinjam dulu lah, hehe. Eh, ternyata isinya banyak pengetahuan baru dan tips-tips praktis yang dapat langsung diemplementasikan. Akhir minggunya bikin komposter, hari ini akan membuat eco enzyme. Kelebihan dari buku ini adalah, membuat usaha untuk meminimkan sampah itu mudah & bisa langsung dimulai. Dan itu menunjukkan bahwa pesan yang ingin disampaikan berhasil, karena pesan terbaik menurut saya adalah menjadikan gagasan menjadi sebuah aksi nyata.

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In the last week of May 2018, the world shocked. Kate Spade ended her life by suicide. Not too long, Anthony Bourdain did it too. I was shocked and lost by Bourdain's death. If you happened read my review in his book here, you know how I inspired by his writing and bravado. That's why I cried instantly after hearing the sad news & expressed it in my IG stories. I asked people for asking help if they suffered. Surprisingly, there's a friend who respond it in contra-view. She argued how it impossible for the one who suffered for asking help. Because she had post-partum depression and when she try to communicate the symptoms, the rifles of depressing thoughts she had the respond will be like : "Don't act it such a drama." "Everyone has the same problem, don't overreact."

The discussion between us became deeper. The biggest hunch of her depression came from the decreasing time for herself after having child. I could relate this so much because I felt the same way after had Hayu. But I'm not really upset or anxious about it too long because I had the antidote. As you know in my previous post when I met Diana Rikasari, I asked how she could juggling between works, business, motherhood, home. Interestingly, one point is she only working outside the home 2 days in a week. She maximized those 2 days with all the meetings, interviews, and another things needed to do outside home. She told me how in a day she could do until 9 meetings. It's a huge number and it shows how effective she managed her time outside home at once. I mean, we could see how her shoes brand UP grows, and now with Schmiley Mo and writing books too. It's possible. 

Then, I DM-ed Diana to say that I really hope she'll write a book with Motherhood theme, or how she does her business because I believe the book will help women especially for mother (like me) to be more productive and sharing her tips on time management etc. The conversation went along, she shared how she could handle the stress. The next day I read her post about it, it is really touche and well articulated. 

These rifle of incidents made me realize how important mental health to be discussed further and how shallow my knowledge on it. I want to learn self-love more and more. I want to connect better to myself, so I could do the same to other. To God. To my family. To you. 


The Hottest Duo Right Now: Loco & Hwasa of Mamamoo


This pair came from a variety-music program "Hyena on The Keyboard" which shows how musicians collaborate to make a song. Loco has been a Hwasa's fanboy since several times ago, so when he did the show, he's super cute timid yet mushy and stealing any chance to step up. And it's REALLY ADORABLE!

The series available in YouTube, just search "Hyena on The Keyboard episode 7 and 8" then it'll show. Watch and get smitten in love with these two!


#RamadanMenulis : A Challenge to Grow


It's been 20 days since the beginning of Ramadan, I followed a challenge from IG account @muslimahsinau to write a post each day in Ramadan with a predefined theme. Many times I was late but thankfully I still manage my commitment to write everyday. The themes varied from Islam to general interest. After such a long time not committed into writing, this challenge helps me to revisited my writing ability. It shows the tenacity conquer all, hehe. It's only 20 days, with the average time between 30 minutes to 1 hour, but I've felt growing so much. Now I have the step by step skeleton to approach any theme. I have to push my own laziness and reluctance, but doing it daily made it as habit, and doing it as a habit made it easier. Something's missing if I haven't write & pour my ideas. 

Today's theme is "How do you define beauty?". Because I've transformed a lot lately into more positive light, self acceptance, self love, it made my definition of beauty also shifted. Here I write my definition. Follow my IG @vinkamaharani if you're interested into daily dose of positive thoughts. =)

How Do You Define Beauty?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Beauty is honesty. Beauty is choosing the truth path no matter what. It knows that mask will never conceal & the righteousness is the only thing to reveal⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Beauty is kindness & empathy. It understood how to see the bright side even in the dark. It's ready to spread love as happy as Skylark.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Beauty is acceptance. It embraces what's less and quadruple the strength. Beauty is at ease within yourself & at peace with anything else. Beauty's fuel are passion and run it by compassion.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Beauty is you.⠀


Personal Branding & Learning Curve


First quarter of 2018 just passed and I could said it's a time full of learning. Have you experienced when you're committed to something then universe pour you its blessing? I just feel it after made a  decision to learn harder this time. I met fabulous mentors and they taught me a lot. 

It's always hard when you admitted mistakes you made, especially when you believed it for long time. For the last 2 years I believed I built @braavosknit in right direction, separated my business with my personal life. I was so confident because I believed I've already had enough knowledge in personal branding & marketing things. Later I should admit that was wrong move and sorting all of it again, put all the pieces puzzle from beginning, starting again. Integrating my personal life/branding with my business is my goal for now. The goal's met when I don't have to say/introduce/telling stories about what I did when meeting someone who knew me. 

Vinka Maharani = Braavosknit/knit/knitting/knitwear designer/yarnshop owner. 

So if you saw me learn to write by doing #RamadanMenulis challenge in @vinkamaharani, bear with it ;D. Now I'm taking step back so I can move forwards for my future life. =)

I'm leaving while give you my recent favorite musician, 10cm, because his voice is sweet and he wears cute purple knitting sweater. 


Convo #5: Tiptoe Through The Tulips


C: Don't you feel afraid?
B: Off course I'm afraid.
C: Don't you feel like "I'm really happy, but I shouldn't happy. Yet. Not now"?
B: Indeed. This will be a long way. 
C: It even hasn't begun. *sigh*


I'm Back!


Wow, it's so dusty here! Hehe. Usually I'll say regret for not posting in a span of time, but I won't do that now because I'm happy! I'm happy because I know that I wasn't posting anything while focusing on my goals. I put more efforts than usual and all the feedback are amazing. I planned on my knitting project, did selfish knitting, made knitting related video and even the latest video have good response (100+ views in less than a week, I've already so proud, hahaha). And the best thing is I feel so energized to wake up everyday, feeling grateful because God gives me another day, another chance to make my goals closer and closer to become true. 

I feel more positive lately and I'll try to keep it up. Living to the dream is definitely the best way to live. How's your life dear fellas, anyway?

P.S.: Be my fellow in knitting journey in my Instagram @braavosknit. Kisses!


I Envy Your Youth


Hari ini Hayu dibelikan topi anyaman oleh Oma-nya. Tentu senang bukan kepalang. Tapi topi anyaman ini membawa saya pergi kepada satu ingatan. Di suatu sore saat saya masih bekerja untuk Project Tobong di galeri iCan. Terdapat seorang ibu WNA berkulit putih yang sudah  berumur sedang melihat-lihat foto yang sedang dipajang. Beliau terlihat mencolok karena mengenakan topi anyaman berdaun lebar berwarna hijau stabilo. Secara spontan saya memuji topinya. Dari mengobrol saya mengetahui beliau berumur lebih dari 60 tahun dan sedang dalam perjalanan mengelilingi dunia. Beliau menyebutkan berapa negara yang telah ia singgahi.

Saya (S): Wow, I envy you!
Ibu (I): What for?
S: For your trip around the world, of course. I don’t think I have money to do that.
I: I envy your youth.

Hari Selasa lalu saya menjenguk keponakan yang baru lahir, Mili, sekaligus menjemput Ibuk saya untuk pulang ke Mojosari. Kami mengobrol panjang lebar, termasuk ketika saya menyebutkan apa saja tujuan jangka pendek saya saat ini. Ibuk juga bercerita bagaimana beliau berusaha hidup lebih sehat, kelas yoganya telah meningkat dan jadi cukup sulit untuk diikuti. Yang menarik Ibuk menyinggung cerita saya di atas. “Sekarang aku juga berusaha menyemangati diri, dari ceritamu tentang ibu bule yang sudah berumur tapi masih jalan-jalan keliling dunia itu lho Von. Ayo Wid, pasti bisa,” ujar Ibuk.  

Menakjubkan bagaimana sepotong cerita dan ingatan dapat menyebarkan semangat. Sampai detik ini kami masih merasakan kehilangan Bopo dan masih berusaha untuk menjadi lebih baik serta tidak berlarut dalam kesedihan. Bopo, dan cerita ibu bertopi anyaman itu pun memantik semangat yang berlipat bagi saya: bahwa usia muda memang kita dapatkan sewajarnya, tapi bagaimana memanfaatkan tiap detik yang ada, itu lain perkara.


50 years old Lady Owner


Today, after Hayu’s school, we went to do button hunting. I searched button for finishing my baby cardigan project. Several shop closed so we went quite far, until we found an old shop covered by dusts with a lady owner. She was interested to my project, asking about how much the yarn costs, where did I learn knitting, etc. She complained how difficult the technique of knitting, how difficult the yarn business nowadays and another complaints on selling yarn. It is really contradictory to my belief to the blooming of yarn & craft business now.

As the gesture showed, I presume she owned the place by herself, which means she is ridiculously rich because the place is huge, 6 times of my house size. The location itself really strategic and it means many opportunities to meet the potential buyer. But then I realized that the world is changing. I feel optimistic to sell yarn and continuously knit because I know the market is there, I know where to market my product and another strategic marketing things. I know all of it because of internet, books and community. It's all about knowledge and technology. If we are not betting into technologies, we will definitely left behind. If we are not learn or adjust to the new technology, we left out. 

And it reminds me to the video of Gary Vee. This is also, perhaps, a kind of letter to my 50 years old self. Just continue to learn, no matter how old you are. No regret in this one life.