MV List of the Week: Let's Dance! =D


The theme for this week is dancing..
I love to move.
And I had an awesome mood this week.
Let's move our belly, hap hap hap!

"I'm crazy but you like it, Loca loca loca"

One of Step Up 3's soundtrack. Let's bounce and crump crump!

Proud of this music video. Directed by Angga Sasongko (@anggasasongko), creator of "Strangely Beautiful", first indie local movie which successfully drop my jaw in a second. "Antartika" shows several effects. Not a very new effects, but I like the composition. And off course, the music makes you want to move your body. 
Not a salsa or cha-cha dancing, just chill... *dup param pap dup!

Ehm, before I told what is my favorite song (and MV) for this week, due to our theme, I'd like to moot something about dancing: The Dancing Leader.
*click it and u'll never regret!*

The Dancing Leader is a concept of leadership which coined and developed by Budi Setiawan a.k.a Bukik. He is a lecturer at Universitas Airlangga, my movie club's supervisor -- Sinematografi UA. He is also a well-known celebrity of 2.0 world. Hehe.
I like the way he explained how is a leader: Passionate.
I'm totally agree about it. Passion could spice up every single piece of life.
That's why, my life's never boring beibi. =D

For the last paragraph, I'm proudly present most played for this week: 
Chris Brown's MV of Yeah 3x!
Instead of his punching tragedy at the past, I admit he has a good voice, perfect dance and great smile.
Let him be, let him learn from those were passed.
And now, let's dance!


#4 Jogja & Solo: Let's go!


My last route for the journey were Jogja & Solo. I have no duty to do here, so it is full of fun! =D


At Jogja, my sister's boyfie take care of me. Tengkyuuuuu mas Andre! >:D<
My body was so tired, so I fulfill my day at Jogja for sleeping. =D Then I spent my nite with grabbing grilled squids, then go chat till late with mas Andre. Great time. I hope we'll have a great result. Amin!

From Jogja to Solo, I took PramEks (Prambanan Ekspress) which is a short-destination train route. The ticket was only 9000 rupiahs or $1. Cheap and fast. =)

Purple-ly PramEks. Prambanan Ekspress. Unyuuuuu. =P
Inside the Prameks. The guy on the left with white shirt had a very beautiful eyes. =)
I love the ambiance inside PramEks. Warm. People goes with their family, friends because it's saturday. 
Jokes heard everywhere. I love watching people smiles.

Finally arrived! Yay! =D
 Hafi, my beloved friend pick me at Solo Balapan. We've been lived one roof, when she still studied at Unair, but now she choose to continue it in UNS. I'm starved to the death, so Hafi brought me to the unique Solo's dish: Timlo. 

Timlo Komplit + Caramel Ice! Yummmmy....
Yes, here. At Timlo Sastro. =)
It's blurry, I know, but I love this pic. Miss u already Hapiiii! =*
 For the nite, Hafi took me to Bebek Pak Slamet. I found a great drink there: Es Gula Asem. =D
It is tamarind extract with simple syrup. The taste is same as Gulas candy, but in liquid proportion.

Es Gula Asem. Nice!
Then we were going to Ngarsopuro Night Market. And the best treasure of the journey was found here! =D

Best treasure at this adventure. Ahayhay!
After buying 2 glasses, we're going home and buy fresh milk from Boyolali at Shi Jack's stall. The boy-seller using many tricks such a bartender, even it's milk, hot milk, ice milk, etc. Pretty cool. Hehe.

I love Solo, I love all of the cities I've visited.
Every city has its own story and I recorded it on my heart, deeply.
Thanks for every one which responsible for my life at every city:
Pak Lemon, Devi, Kung, Destri, Mas Andre & Hafi.
Love u all!

=* =* =*

This is the reason why I love sunny day, I could put my sunglasses legally. Ehehehehe.
Look at the crack at the train window. It's so Indonesian typical scenery. *sigh
The victim of the journey. 2 pairs of shoes actually. =P
P.S: Maybe I need another journey next year. 
Abroad? Hmm.
I prefer Sumatera & Celebes. 
*crossed my finger


New MV!


These last 2 weeks, seem like a season for singers launched their music video. And I like most of them. Rihanna & Bruno Mars absolutely my favorite singer, so it doubled this hype. 

Check this out!

Oh but now I don’t hate you
I’m happy to say
That I will be there at the end of the day
(Beyonce, Broken Hearted Girl)


#3 Bandung: Hujan, Hiu, Host & H.. =)


I arrived in Bandung at 12.35pm, November 24th 2010, via a shuttle travel called Roadtrip --which had a very handsome receptionist! He had owl-y look! And a mega-cool-bass voice. *melt to the max!--

Mas Travel!
Ananta a.k.a Ckung picked me up at Dago street, brought me to his place to put up my luggage. As long as I stayed at Bandung, Kung responsible to my life. Ehehehe. Hyperbolic but it's true. Took a rest a while, and becoming not just a while because of the rain. Hard pouring rain. Blame it to the rain if I couldn't take a walk in Bandung. Blame it to the rain if I didn't have any mood to take a picture. Blame it to the rain if I just wanted to roll and roll and roll at the bed. At this time, blame it to the rain. 


At 3pm, we went to Salman, and Kung was heading to his lab, doing some assistance. I met with local movie community, F2PB, met with Destri, the girl that already texting with me and my lovely hostess. =)
I really love the atmosphere at F2PB's base camp. Warm & friendly. 
I showed them my Surabaya AnimNATION. Alhamdulillah, they responded it positively.

At the nite, I had a dinner with Kung, Asop & his brother which we just met unintentionally. Aksel timeeee! =D
I ate Hiu or Shark! Hehehe. First impression, hm, it doesn't feel scary. Haha. The taste is mix between Kakap & Pari (I don't know the english for these two fish, sorry). Overall, worth to try.

Then, I slept-over at Destri's place. Doing girl-to-girl story telling. Indie movie activist share stories *caelah*. Thanks a lot Destriiiiiiiii! =*

November 25th, 2010. Woke up early, but still, roll and roll and roll at Destri's bed. Kung picked me up at 11am, went to train-station to buy ticket and back to his place to change my clothes. And...... the rain comes again. *sigh* And it stopped at the same times: 3pm. Luckily, because I need to meet Dheny, Kung's friend which become mine too. *blibet* So we went to Kung's campus. He showed me his lovely-red-whale, simple vehicle which had become the participant at Shell Eco Marathon competition.

Kung's red-whale
Had the linner *lunch-dinner* with Dheny and Kung at 4.30pm. Then beat our time to do some arcade game at Istana Plaza. We could finished Rambo below 50 thousand rupiahs! Woooohooooo! *applause* And still have time to preparing luggage, buying Sabana fried chicken and arrived at station precisely. Yay!

Bandung is written on the lamp. Hihi.
Hmm. Short trip but fun at Bandung. Meet new fellas and old-timee fellas too. I think I've already missed Bandung now.
The city, ambiance or the person?


#2: I Love Brainies, May I Have One? ;;)


Yup, finally had done my 2 days of conference, November 22nd-23rd 2010. Indo ICC or Indonesia International Conference on Communication, held by Communication Department, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Indonesia. 
My paper got accepted, so I became a presenter there. 
Had several lecturing session with people whom usually "only-read" on the cover of book, such as Prof. Stephen Littlejohn, Prof David T. Craig, Prof David Marshall, Prof Alwi Dahlan, Prof Alois Nugroho, and Dr Ade  Armando. Most of them delivering on how important we prepare and getting ready to the changes that happened because of the technology in communication, digitalization, etc. 
It's obvious. I'm delivering this message by blog, rite? =)

The professors
Shattered in the table.
Favorite dress for my presentation day. I know it's over-worn, but what-so-ever. =P
At this kind of academician forum, I feel surrounded by brainies. You know, people with brain or brainy, and the plural form is brainies. =P 

I always perceived that brainy is always sexy, instead of his/er physical appearance. If s/he could make their appearance fit on 'em, wow, it's HOT. So when I surrounded by the HOT brainies, I felt like having a fever. First, I admire it. Second, may I have one please? ;;)


#1: A Lone & Long Journey, But I'm Not Alone. =)


I'm on adventure. 
I'm doing a journey from Surabaya - Jakarta - Bandung and might be goes on Jogja - Solo and back to Surabaya. I have only a week, so I had to maximize every potential things. Huhu. 
It's my 2nd day at Jakarta, getting late (or dawn) now and tomorrow I have a conference to attend. 
So, I'll tell you by pictures. Check this out.
Start at Pasar Turi station.
Thanks for drive me here, Kant!
My loyal & faithful partner, Locky tumbler! =*
Ordinary scenery from train window. This ordinary things made me miss of doing journey.
Arrived & picked by PakLemon, have a rest at his place and he cooked for me. Iyei! Simply delicious. =)
 I arrived at Jakarta on Saturday morning, 7.21am. Pak Ardhy a.k.a PakLemon a.k.a PakGuru Komputer when I was hi-school picked me up. It's been a long time not see him. When we met, there always a bunch of stories to tell. And so on, and so on. I asked him to accompany me going to Mampang Prapatan after lunch, going to mbak Lulu Ratna's house, the founder of Her husband is Beng Rahadian, a well-known comic artist. And found several things unique there, such as:

The 1st Hai magazine cover on the right side. Click to see it larger.
After doing the short visit at Mampang, we continued to have a walk. PakLemon want to go Sabang to buy CD of Kings of Convenient. But we stopped by at Masjid BI to have Ashr pray. And the masjid was great.

Big mirror on wudhu's place. Iconic.
I love this picture. Great. It's Pak Ardhy's back anyway.
The ceilings. Beautiful. The designer really knows how the lighting fit on this peaceful Masjid.
Ironic, when we were going to Sabang, the CD shop has bankrupt. Haha. So we went to Bakmi GM, recharging the fuel then went to Plaza Semanggi. Only got 1 CD of KoC, but bought another musician too. Back to Pengadegan, Pak Ardhy's place, because my cousin would pick me up to go another destination: Sentul. 

My cousin, mas Agung's place was at Sentul City, lovely place. He and his wife had 2 dogs, Shih Tzu type. I really love dogs, but at the first time, I came up with a very sleepy and dizzy head. So I just avoiding them But at Sunday morning, I already had play with them. The cute Willy & Elmo.*already miss them*

Willy & Elmo wait me downstair. Too cute to be true.
Just like a live version of doll. So cuuuuuute!
I just spent my Sunday with mas Agung's fam. Went out for lunch, and successfully spent my 5pm to 10pm by sleeping. Wow. Accumulation of my tiredness might be. At 10.30pm we were heading to Jakarta, to Gatsu, go to Devi's place. So, here I am, at Jekarda, finishing my powerpoint for my Tuesday presentation, and blogging for a while. It's still a long journey.
It won't be boring, I promise.
Because boring is so unbearable.

Vinka Maharani


Selingkuh? Ini Faktanya.


Peningkatan perlakuan romantis pasangan linier dengan kemungkinan selingkuhnya. 

Perlakuan romantis ini digunakan sebagai alibi &menurunkan kecurigaan. 

*empirically approved!

So, I really hope you, mes mille bisous, listen to my song.




Kutuk abadi para melankolis di saat sepi, sakit atau sendiri: memori-memori yg lari-lari tak tahu diri.

We talk in the same language, gesture, sign and all of those thingies matter. You know I watch you, and I know you watch me. I know what you want to talk about, and I do really understand it well. I'm still here, "listening" to you carefully. Why are you there look so weary? Could we just skip these trashy chitty-chat? I'm worry about you. And miss you, off course. 




Most Favorite Singer for Now: Bruno Mars!


Fallin love to his album:  

Doo - Wops & Hooligans (2010)
And good for him, he has several clip video which had a great cinematography elements.
Just check this out.


My favorite track hasn't had its clip video. 
And I'm really wondering how it'll be.
Let's sing!
"It's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,

Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you!

=* =* =*


Laporan Sumbangan #bongkarcelengan


Alhamdulillah, sejak kemaren lusa, sumbangan terus berdatangan. Ini laporan pertanggungjawaban kami yg direportase langsung oleh mas Joseph Sudiro (follow him @josephsudiro)

Kloter 1 -- 27 Oktober 2010

terbeli:sikat gigi,pasta gigi,sabun mandi,air minum,tetes mata,tissue basah,shampoo,pembalut senilai 892rb+masker.  

mas Joseph dan salah satu pengungsi

Kloter 2 -- 28 Oktober 2010
sumbangan sore ini untuk ibu/anak di muntilan

Catatan penting dari mas Joseph:
"Ternyata di lapangan, bantuan menyisakan masalah bernama distribusi. Ada yg berbau politis. Ada yg branding. Intinya sama. Tak sampai tujuan."

Semoga semua ini manfaat & barokah. 
Yang belum #bongkarcelengan, ayo! Masih banyak yang perlu dibantu!
"Kalau di dunia musik mengenal jalur distribusi indie yg berbeda dgn mainstream, kenapa penyaluran bantuan tidak bisa indie juga?"
-- Joseph Sudiro


#bongkarcelengan Kamu Sekarang Juga!


Mulai dari semalam, mendengar, melihat berita di twitter, di televisi, semua bikin miris, sedih, campur jadi satu.
Inginnya sih ikut terjun ke lapangan, tapi gak punya kemampuan.
Ingin menyumbang duit sebanyak-banyaknya, tapi akhir bulan, duit menipis.

Ketika mau buang ingus, di sebelah tempat tisu ada botol minuman yang aku jadikan celengan.
Hmm, oke, ini saat yang tepat untuk membongkar celengan. 
Saya pun mengajak sahabat terdekat yang saya tahu mengumpulkan koin juga.
Hasil celengan saya, Indri & @kantifiona Rp 259.700.
Hasil bongkar celengan ini saya transfer ke ‎​REK MANDIRI 1270005340680 a/n joseph sudiro. 
Bang Joseph ini sahabat yang sedang berada di Jogja, siap untuk langsung menyalurkan dana ini. 

Tidak hanya celengan saya, indri atau Kanti, rasanya ini saat yang tepat untuk #bongkarcelengan milik semua orang.
Jika ada yang mau dibantu ngiketin uang koinnya jadi seribuan, sekalian nyalurin hasil #bongkarcelengan kamu, saya siap kok. 
SMS aja, Vinka Maharani : 08563163696

Saya sudah bergerak, kamu?


Old Random Songs.


Put my winAmp in shuffle mode ON.
Then several random old songs re-play-ing.
Several moods scrambled.

And I feel mixed-up.


(Not So) Random Pict. =*


Prince Harry touch the goats. Live from Tebuireng, Jombang. =D

Ayat - Ayat Cinta cover versi ADFA *poke Sarah*

Pose ala vidklip Cmanka *diganggu kaki mengkilapku. hehe*

Versi Panorama Hasil Mural Bihalal kawan-kawan Surabaya di C2O *sekarang dah diputihin lagi tapi. hiks*

I have this set of stickers too. Mm, could I live here? My home to be? =)

Always recognizing peeps by their back. And this back figure just... make me melt. =")

File-nya corrupt, but I don't care. Just love this photo much. Love my Tee & Kanti! =*


Mari Bertemu, Mari Bicara. =)


Di tengah tanggung jawab pengumpulan data Incoming & Outgoing Academician untuk Annual Report World Class University-nya Universitas Airlangga, aku menyempatkan bertemu dengan Fajar Nugros. Ia sutradara Queen Bee, penulis 7 *atau 8 yak? lupa. hehe* buku, mulai dari bagaimana membuat film dokumenter hingga petualangan cinta penuh teka-teki seperti "Adriana: Labirin Cinta di Kilometer Nol". 

Akhirnya siang ini tadi bertemu sejenak, bercakap-cakap sebentar. Buatku, yang penting adalah bertemu & berbicara. Semenjak kejadian meninggalnya Kakek Pram (Pramoedya Ananta Toer), tanpa aku bertemu dengan beliau, aku tak pernah mau menyesal lagi. Butuh 2 hari untuk berhenti menangis setelah Kakek Pram meninggal, dan sebulan untuk membaca ulang buku-buku beliau untuk mengenangnya. Di 'Bumi Manusia', Kakek Pram menggunakan Pabrik Gula Tulangan sebagai settingnya. Dan di situ aku terkesima, bagaimana tempat yg aku tinggali, yang kuanggap membosankan, bisa diubah menjadi setting cerita yang mengaduk-aduk emosi. Semenjak membacanya, aku pun berjanji untuk menemui kakek Pram. Dua tiga menit cukup. Tidak butuh waktu lama. Sedihnya, aku tak bisa memenuhi janjiku ini. =(

Semenjak itu, aku tak melewatkan kesempatan untuk bertemu dan bercakap dengan penulis yang aku sukai, atau pun orang-orang yang berjuang. Seno Gumira, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Lulu Ratna

Dan seperti apa yang Fajar bilang tadi:
Pertemuan dan perbincangan itu memberi energi baru. Energi yang berbeda
Yap. Maybe I'm restless, but fulfilling myself with the new energy will boost my spirit, add the new perspective, rise my smile again. The chat really works. Thanks Fajar.


*eniwei, gak foto sama Fajar, malah difoto. hehe*

*sama @kantifiona, pamer bukuu!*


Kangen... =')


Kemarin, tepat 2 minggu Mbah Uti meninggal. Nenekku tercinta.

Beliau ibu ibuku.
Wanita yang dicintai banyak orang karena kedermawanannya, kebaikan hatinya.
Mbah Uti sosok yang aktif. Di jaman penjajahan Jepang, beliau adalah wakil desa untuk pendidikan ketrampilan.Oleh karena itu beliau pandai menyulam, menjahit, memasak. Jika akan lebaran, seluruh dusun akan berkumpul di dapur mbah Uti, membawa bahan mentah kue-kue dan memasak bersama di situ, karena cuma mbah Uti yang hapal di luar kepala resep-resepnya! =)

Ini foto Mbah Uti favoritku, menunjukkan kalau beliau tidak bisa berhenti beraktivitas. Bahkan di pernikahan ibuku, beliau sendiri yang jadi "stage manager" semuanya. =)


Cerita yang paling menempel dari mbah Uti di kepala saya adalah tentang kepuasan memberi. Sebutlah cerita-cerita yang ada di masyarakat bagaimana kejamnya ibu tiri, maka itu pula yang dialami oleh Mbah Uti. Ayah mbah Uti menikah lagi setelah ibu mbah Uti meninggal. Dari istri pertama, didapat 2 putri, mbah Uti dan mbah Pah. Istri kedua, yang merupakan ibu tiri mbah Uti benar-benar seperti yang digambarkan di dongeng-dongen. Pilih kasih, bermanis mulut ketika ada suami saja, memberi makan anak tirinya tanpa lauk. Mbah Pah benci sekali dengan ibu tirinya. Beliau berjanji untuk tidak memberi apapun kepada ibu tiri ketika sudah menikah dan memiliki materi sendiri. Sebaliknya, Mbah Uti bilang:
"Nggak dik, kalau aku punya duit, bisa makan setiap hari, Mbok (ibu tiri) akan aku beri sebanyak mungkin. Lebih enak memberi kok. Enak di hati."

Sederhana, tapi mengena.

Yaminah Oetomo, I'm proud being your granddaughter.


Marioooo! =D


Di tengah browsing, eh nemu video gokilnya Mario Irwinsyah + Dennis Adhiswara.
Ngakak-ngakak deh ngliatnya!
Mantab Jaya!


Semangattt ya Abiii! =)


Saya selalu tidak bisa membiarkan laki-laki baik-baik yang berkesusahan. 

Semoga ia segera berhasil menetapkan hati! 

Semangat ya Abiiii....! 


*video di bawah ini buat cerita cinta-nya Abi + Abi yg physically campuran Joshua Suherman+Vidi Aldiano. Hehe.


Mohon Maaf, Saya Memang Tidak Membalas Sms Anda


Bukan maksud hati tidak menghormati anda sekalian, tetapi beberapa keadaan beruntun yang memaksa. 
Lebaran ini kedua ponakan datang di Mojosari. Babysitting everyday.
Mudik ke dua nenek di Mojoagung dan Kediri. It was happy actually.
Kemudian ketika pulang, pilek berat dan radang melanda.
Keesokan hari, nenek saya terjatuh dan belum tersadar hingga sekarang.
Beliau kritis. 
Saya tahu ini tidak sepantasnya dijadikan apologi untuk menghindari kewajiban membalas pesan anda.
Tapi yakinlah, seluruh kesalahan Anda telah saya maafkan.
Tinggal saya, lewat post ini memohon maaf sedalam-dalamnya.
Minal Aidzin wal Faidzin. Maaf lahir batin

deeply regards,
Vinka Maharani


It's More Than Just A Shirt, It's Everything. =)


This was my 2nd year selling the merchandise of Gathotkaca Studio, local animation studio. It's a supa-dupa-long story if I telling you the history, so it'll be better you read it here.

It has been several times we were opening "pre-order" system. People have to pay before we produce the shirts. They pre-ordering by text me. I'm the one who answers all of those messages. We opened 5-6 pre-order, so it might be thousands message had been sent from my little-tiny cellphone. Hehe. =P

Some peoples ordered for several times, so I had memorized them by rote. I remember their address, their size and even their cell number. Hehehe. These people are our savior, our heroes. They keep our animation breath. Yea, we still fighting for take a breath. But then we met other brothers & sisters (we called each other as "Jeh", no gender discrimination. =D ) at the screening places and they metamorphose our breath into a full gallon of spirit. These are the real Gathotkaca Studio's heroes, brothers & sisters:

Grammar SuroBoyo 3 Premiere Screening @ Royal Plaza, Surabaya
SuroBoyo Peduli Sumatera ft Grammar SuroBoyo 3.5 @ Matchbox Cafe, Surabaya
Surabaya AnimNation (Premiere of CuloBoyo Juniol) @ CCCL Surabaya
CuloBoyo screening ft Kumpul Animasi 2010 @ GoetheHaus, Jakarta
Surabaya AnimNation part II @ MagnetZone, Surabaya
In our last production batch, we choose to appreciate our heroes more. And these 2 people are the both lucky. It doesn't mean that we don't appreciate another, but its our incapability for provide many gifts. Dante & Ryo, thanks for your loyalty. It means a lot, really, I mean it. 

Ryo wearing our Racing Lontong's shirt! =)

Dante Nararya =)

Another chance comes over, from our independent musician friends. They ask us to support their project to celebrate our independence day, in Surabaya way. Absolutely, with our limitation, we tried the best. Look at this, this is the rehearsal & the recording.
Now, I'm proudly present the result, Bestfriend Project in "Rek Ayo Rek" jazzy version! =D

Yes! They wearing our shirts! Looks very good on them. Our talented director Jaka Triadi (Monkey Make Movies) captured it beautifully. I'm very lucky had already know them. 

As my titles on this post, it's more than just a shirt, it's everything. It brings me to know talented peoples. It gives me chances to meet new and unexpected friends. Thanks for being there Jeh. =*

PS: This is one of our newest design. This one my favorite. I say it is CIAMSO. CIAMIK SORO! 
(It means guhhhhhhhhreeeeaaaaaat! =D).
Just click to buy!
Click to enlarge