As a favorite song this week, I choose "Change" by HyunA ft Junhyung.
At first, I knew this song because Shin Bong Sun's dance accompanied by B2ST in Star Dance. But then, when I tried finding the original version by HyunA, then I loved it more. The dance, its lyric, it matches with her sexy looks. And the dance could make you wake up easily when you practiced it. I did. =D

This is Bong Sun version

And this is the real HyunA! With the georgeous Junhyung of course.. =9

Instead of those generic things, It’s my own slogan
Instead of those similar ideas, It’s my own logo
What you want? (What you do), Tell me baby what you do
Don’t mind the others and step, step, swagger

(I can change) No matter how hard it may be
(You can change) No matter what others say
(We can change) The way I want
Pop, pop, pop my collar !
(Do it up) And don’t mind the others
(Take it on) Everyone to the sky
(Jumping up) Do it, do it, do it better!


Are You Animator? Do You Have An Animation Movie?


Send it to us! 
As Hero Day's celebration, Gathotkaca Studio opened a chance for the animators to send their best movie. No particular theme, so you don't have worry.
The movie will be showed in Grand City XXI Cinema, one of the biggest studio in Surabaya. Click the image below for the detail. Ayo Rek, join Surabaya AnimNATION!


Those Sweet Words


As an ordinary girl, I love sweet words from my lover. Because I love to do so. 
I always feeling grateful, because Rendy have a high spontaneity in words carving. 
And in case, --usually my pre menstrual time-- I want to hear some sweet words, I just need to ask. And he could say it, specially for me. 
Merci beaucoup, Dieu..


My Newest Facebook Profile


After trying a few step from my junior at the high school, I got my newest version of Facebook Profile! It looks cute. Maybe I'll review it next day, when I've already tried every feature in it. Now, I'll share how does it looks. =)
P.S: This is for developer only for now, you could find it as user in Saturday, October 1st 2011




Just finished read all of Touch series. 
And I do fall in love into Tatsuya Uesugi & Minami Asakura. 
I'm so inspired.
Even you are talented, but nothing complete it than a hard-work. 
Practice, practice and practice. 
No one's born to be genius. I can do it!
Arigato gozaimasu Mitsuru-san...


Tonight's Soundtrack


Can't close my eyes tonight. 
And this song re-played over and over in my head. 
I don't have choice than sing it outloud. =(

Well sometimes I go out by myself 
and I look across the water
And I think of all the things, what you’re doing 
and in my head I make a picture
‘Cos since I’ve come on home, well my body’s been a mess
And I’ve missed your ginger hair 
and the way you like to dress
Won’t you come on over, stop making a fool out of me
Why won’t you come on over Valerie, Valerie?


Mbak Fidya's Wedding


Just recognized that I haven't post my trip last week to Gresik, for attending my office-mate's wedding: Fidya Safitri Aulani & Mohammad Nadjib.
Here is the happy bride and groom!
I slept-over in Arlia's aunt house with several other office-mates. We agreed wearing pink as our dress-code. All in kebaya! =)
Arlia & Poet
Me and Astria
I also met my best-friends from high school after a long time missing them. Ah, this is the feeling of being older: even best-friends had their own dreams. I should learn how to let them go to catch theirs and support them however it is. Less time together, but it's okay. That is maturation. I hope I could aged gracefully, with all of this love shower from friends, family and lover. =) 
left: me & koko PJ, right: Rikza & me. Suddenly missed my high school time with 'em!
At the wedding, there was a band entertained the audience with religious song (it's a request from mbak Fidya's mother in law. hehe). Then Ganes, internship-er of my office which was a university choir member, asked me to accompany him in the stage. Haha. Just look at my face below. =D
Anyway, because of this event, I'd like to have experiments in make-up things. Astria asked me to do her eyes make-up. Not bad, I thought. For my own make-up, I used my newest eye-shadow set: Merak Kasmaran by Sari Ayu. I love the turqoise effect on my eyes. Then, when I went home, my kost-mate asked me to do her graduation make-up, next month. Wow. It's a big deal instead. Hmm, I feel challenged! 
How do I look? ;;)


QoTD: Chez Maquille


In a lot of ways, the make-up was the character.
Rick Yune


To Fall-In-Love


As my discussion with friends, I asked myself, why should we fall to be in love? Why was the verb is "fall", not another? Then after several brainstorm, debate, et cetera, I conclude that fall is the closest word to describe what we felt when we were in love. I am tomboy, for example, and you could find me browse "how-to-use-make-up" video in Youtube, just to make me look better when I meet Rendy. =P We were really fall into a place where you could not guess and expect before. 

Secondly, falling describes how we felt. We are falling into a deep feeling. We were voluntarily miserable, messed up, because of love. Love is deep. It isn't love if you just find everything safe and sound. And now, I choose to fall

My mother and father (Ibu & Bopo) taught me how to fall in love continuously. Both of them still call each other with "Dear" until now, their 32nd years of marriage. They still kiss, hug, flirt publicly. Both of them trying to make each other proud and did many things to make their spouse fall in love, again. 

I remembered how my father sadness when my mother had her hysterectomy (pengangkatan rahim). And I remembered how he took care my mother until now. Mom said, there's only 3 things to make you stay and always amaze with your spouse: trust, faithful, be the best for him/her.

Bopo, mbak Maya, mbak Ratih, Mom & me
Mom & Bop, Tulangan - early 90's
Mom & Bopo, Makkah 2002
Dieu, bring us forward, 
as my parents showed me how to do that. 

Rendy, PS: Happy 8 months! =*




I'm not really conscious that I love hat until I found this one in Colorbox shop. It's cute! 
Off course, every eyes will staring at me if I wear this hat in Surabaya. Especially, now (summer time). I admit that I need more and more guts for wearing a hat as daily accessories. But still, I love hat. 
me & hat #1
me & hat #2

*Updated* 14th September 2011
I want all of these hats of DKNY SS2012 Collection!
*lap iler*

behind the stage photo taken from : photodiarist.typepad.com
and I love the last photo white shirt-dress too. Aww!


Bad Girl


Learning how to dance into this song. The dance is cute and meaningful! Just too cute!


Flash News!


I will have another nephew!
Yes, my sister, Mbak Ratih had her pregnancy for 3 weeks. 
Deva and Abhi will have a little brother/sister. Aw aw aw! 
Can't wait! 
from left: Mbak Ratih, me, mas Andre, in their pre-wed photoshoot preparation, 4 months ago.
Mbak Ratih and me. Are we look-alike? =D
all photo was taken by mas Tommy


Mayday, Mayday, Earth's Calling!


These 4 days in a row, I have a superb mood. Rendy's visit, Bopo's words, Eid happiness, family reunion, H2 Series, Rendy's mom, et cetera. Everything sum up and the result is amazing. After our several days separated, me and Rendy act like a child. Go whining and being grumpy just because a minute before he should left or I should go. Interesting, as we were always considered as a serious couple. You wouldn't believe if I told you how spoiled we are. =D

Today is my weakest point. Physically, yes. My low blood-pressure just came, and even I could not go into office. =( Rendy took care of me and now I could sit without feeling too dizzy. I take it as my natural alarm, after 2 weeks in a rush. I hope tomorrow I could start doing things in office, because this week will be a busy week for IOP-UA. 

I want too boost my own mood by posting my outfit in Ied day. My sister's camera degrade the color of my skirt into turqoise, which is my blog color. Hehe. It is actually tosca. Abhi & Deva's Nemo balloon just make it perfect with the color. Voila! 

DIY top, unbranded hijab, Colorbox belt, LM for Hardware high waist skirt. Photo: no retouch


Addicted with: Consistency


I always have a favorite thing in a range of time: song, artist, book, author, and even word. For the instance, nowadays, I'm addicted with a word: consistency. It resounds in my head, over and over. Brought several thought which lead me into ideas, discussions, writing, trashy talk, etc. For the beginning, I write some of my favorite quotes with "consistency" in it. 

But change must always be balanced 
with some degree of consistency.
Ron D. Burton


Everything you need to get that relaxed driving 
that brings consistency only comes with practice.
John Surtees

Good acting is consistency of performance.
Jim Dale

I have no consistency, except in politics; 
and that probably arises from my indifference 
to the subject altogether.
Lord Byron

We are not interested in the fact that the brain 
has the consistency of cold porridge.
Alan Turing

Haha. Most of it had a taste of sarcasm. Ow yeah, I'm solemnly sarcastic.