It's my second day sales at Cergamboree 2011, Indonesia-French Comic Festival. This year was a 3rd. Yesterday I got a session to do animation screening, titled: Surabaya animNation. Our 4th AnimNation. 

What's the benefit from doing this screening, selling merchandise, little stuff which means merely nothing for some people. 

It is small. It is little thing. But time already proved, we could stand strong till now. 

My animation studio was not selling our animation. We sell our merchandise. In other word. our (film) content was download-able and absolutely FREE.

This kind business, had already usual to called as Freemium Content and/or Free Lunch Marketing. I haven't know so much about it. It looks funny or something silly when our business method (which I work it naturally, without any guidance) had already got a name/formula. =D

If you are Indonesian, you would better take a look first to Pandji Pragiwaksono's article on his blog about Free Lunch Method. He'd already compiled what's the essential thing related to Free Lunch Method. In other hand, I want you know that this method inviting a wide discussion and polarization on its pro-cons. Berin Szoka on his article for example, shows how impossible to give a premium content/products with no advertiser, or completely free. 

One thing I believed and already learned was there will be different solution(s) for different problem(s), or in my sentence: different consequence(s) in different challenge(s). It doesn't matter who the inventor, when it invented, but every formula or abbreviation could be re-arrange, re-adapt and almost re-invent. And selling things, it would never as same as 1+1= 2. 

This post is just a 'preambule' of a long thought of mine about Free Lunch Method. I want to introduce you and make you familiar about it. I, as a student and seller at the same time, stand in a both theoretical & practical frame. So I think I could describe and build some a crisp and delicious discussion between us. 
Long live the thirst learner! 

*written on February 26th, publish as date stated


Sport: Politically Entertaining, Burlesque Disappointing


I'm totally incompetent of commenting in sport thingies. Who am I? A common girl in a common glasses. What I'm capable of sport just ping-pong, 3rd winner in my region, elementary school level. =D
Mmm, wait, add karate on my list, and wall-climbing. Yeah, that's all. Nothing more. But I think, I don't have to be an expert to watch a mistake in our country's conduct in sport. Our football federation, now, as a hot-list in media and daily conversation for their far-flung mistaken. It is simply sadden me to watch our national football team managed by a wrong govern. Now, groups of football club supporter starting a move to revolt. I hope there will be a change. 
Without chaos, please. 
I'm fed up with news in media which showing trifles of blood, violence, and negative things in media. I'm in a point of ignorance, quite dangerous. I'm quoting Diana Rikasari for describing the feeling:

Yg bikin gw bangga sama Indonesia cuma industri kreatif & kekayaan alamnya. Sigh.

The one who keep my chin up was my boyfie. He wrote in national newspaper about the explanation of this football phenomena: "Monarki Sepak Bola". I learn from him that we should look further, think more in handling a thing. I'm trying to, and will always try to. I believe, if everyone start doing it, our country will be a smarty one, not left behind.

Anyway, for fertilizing our optimism into Indonesian sports, yesterday, me and my boyfie went to Djarum Super Liga Badminton. It's held in our town, Surabaya! =D I focused on SGS PLN Bandung club, which defended by Taufik Hidayat, Lee Chong Wei, Tomi Sugiarto, Flandy Limpele, etc. I'm very happy to watch it, and I'm considering for watching the quarter final or semi final. I believed it will be great! 


Deepest Condolence


How could we explained our relationship with others except using terms such: friend, boyfriend-girlfriend, blood-related (brother, sister, niece, aunt, uncle, nephew, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother)?
Isn't there any other kind(s) of relationship?
I do believe there are. 
Language, word is limited. 
Many things left undefinable.
Some of it sublimed into substance which only felt by our senses. 
This following relationship, maybe, was the example of my last sentence.

left to right: Pak Mun, Fina, Prita, Me, Pak Nur Wachid
The picture was taken at April 22nd, 2006. I was still at the high school, celebrating Kartini Day. Everyone dressed up totally. Two men stood there, our school security guard. They were wearing Maduranese. I personally closed with them. They are my savior when I (often) come late. They told me when my teacher didn't around. And I often spent times with them, because my boarding house just a block away from my school and I could hanging around with the guardians.

This morning, a friend told me that Pak Nur had already passed away. He had a critical liver disease. 

When I'm started to live independent, I learned how to be a friend of everyone. Adapting. Put myself down lower or higher as expected. Being flexible and unbreakable. And I got these lesson mostly from "ordinary" people, such as Pak Nur and Pak Mar. They taught me how to share in a very subtle way, in a humble. They taught me how to care, in this fast city, in an understandable pace. They taught me how to accept God's proviso, gracefully & not questioning. 

What kind of relationship is it? 
They are friend, uncle, family, teacher in a same time.
Whatever it called, Pak Nur, may you rest in peace.
God bless you, and I love you. 

lovely regards,
Vinka Maharani




aku tidak berhasil menemukan kutipan seorang pun untuk do'a spesial kali ini.
tidak GM, tidak Pram, tidak Neruda, atau yang murtad sekalian, Hitler misalnya.
aku juga sudah berusaha merangkai kata.
yang indah, yang berbunga-bunga, berbuih-buih, bersayap-sayap.
tak selarik pun aku rasa tepat untuk dipintakan padaMu.

aku menyerah saja. 
kutulis berbaris-baris, tanpa perduli liris dan berapa garis.

hari ini penting untuk kami.
lutut kami mungkin akan tremor, suara kami mungkin bergetar.
tapi biarkan itu semua menambah keyakinan assessor kami, bahwa kami sungguh-sungguh.

kupinta kelancaran berpikir, kecerdasan bertutur, kesantunan bersikap saja yang muncul dari kami.
hingga sang penilai membubuhkan tanda centang itu.

ini doa spesial loh.
pake ditulis, lewat blog lagi.
I know You love me so well.
And I love You at the greatest.


mille mille bisous,
Ta seul Vonka


A Happy Ending Weekend.


February 13th till 15th , I called it as a long weekend. I still worked at 14th actually, but because things went smoothly, I rather counted it into a holiday too. =)

Started in Saturday, I went to Sekolah Alam Insan Mulia (SAIM) for being a moderator of "Creative Movie Workshop with Mathias Muchus". It was a very long time not conducting as a moderator of discussion or workshop. Pfiuh. Thanks God, Om Muchus helped me a lot and we made a good show.

A sight from the front of stage
Who could make everyone do this than Om Muchus?

It is truly "sekolah alam". Caterpillar on my table! =D
Starstrukk! =P
Me and Om Muchus. =)
After did the duty at SAIM, I directly went to c2o for had a "KopDar" a.k.a Offline Meeting of Goodreads Indonesia region Surabaya. It was great. I met several new friends with a same bold hobby: Reading books. It's interesting, knowing people had more crazier passion in books. Rhea, for example: the moderator, had already read 449 books. Roos, the ex-moderator of Goodreads Indonesia, had already read 758 books. Shoo! What was that?? Haha. I know I wasn't diligent enough to keep my "already-read" books into a record before. That's why I love to join Goodreads. You could see at the right column of this blog, the widget of my Goodreads account. Don't bother to click and join, fellas. We could discuss books much much and much further there. =)
*another complete story of KopDar written by Rhea, click here*

left to right: Rhea, Azza, Hilman, Novri
1st row, left to right: Novri, Azza, Rhea, Yossi. 2nd row: Hilman, Agung, Ari, Tinta, me, Heni.
 Sunday morning, my boyfriend accompanied me to find a breakfast and we found a delicious food called Nasi Bakar. It's located across of Giant Hypermarket in following street Kombespol M Duryat. There are 2 choices: chicken or tuna. At first glance, I thought it will be only steamed rice and chicken/tuna inside, but surprisingly it's completed with spiced papaya leaves, chopped Peda (salted fish) and green chilli sauce. Yummo yummo!

At the day, me and cak Ikin went to re-supplied our merchandise product and attended Cergamboree meeting. The weather uprising suddenly. I got sunburn and fever in the afternoon. I didn't strong enough to attend my friends album launching: Bestfriend Project. Sad. ='(
And because of my fever too, my boy need to pick me to my office on Monday. Sorry to bother you Cheri. Alhamdulillah, it was going better and better which I could had meeting in Monday night with PakLemon & cak Ikin and talked about my newest project. I really can't wait to tell you all, but I had to keep my mouth shut until February 25th. Wish us luck, please? ;)

February 14th, where people celebrated Valentine days, I still doing work and work. Pathetic? No. Even you could think worse when I told you that those day were my a-month-anniversary too with my boy. Hehe. We've already made a promise to celebrate it on February 15th, and we did it! Yeay! He successfully surprised me with a bunch of gifts, packed in a cute box too. I feel so guilty because I just give him a piece of batik tie. =(
I give u only the sneak peek. =P
 But the thing which made my tears fell down at a time was his letter. The letter which made me want to promise, to struggle in a future with him. I'd like to quote last 2 paragraphs of his letter:
Aku cuma ingin menyebut kata "cinta",
yang lacur & terkadang memuakkan,
tapi cuma itu yang dapat merangkum semua himpunan pikiran & perasaanku tentangmu.

Itu sebabnya,
Tiga puluh hari menjadi bukan lagi soal lama & sebentar,
melainkan menjadi perkara pembuktian atas suatu yang lacur tadi.
Atas Cinta.
Aku Cinta.
Dan aku tahu jika engkau tahu tentang Cinta.

Cheri, thank you for made my happy ending weekend.
And I believe, you are the one which made my life had its happy ending.
mille bisous,
Ta Cherie.


My HOTlist for This Week!


I love to share my point of view, my favorite things. And for this week, I have several things labeled "HOT". It means, it successfully fulfilled my days and my mind. No babble anymore Vinka, just show it up!

1. #HelpAlanda
I've already know this girl from years ago, by her writing. She got a bad tragedy, related to this country bad law management & maintenance. You could read my previously post, Surat untuk Alanda Kariza.

2. Pink! Videos
It's quite late actually, but I just know two of Pink!'s latest video. Both of them awesome. I always love the diction in her songs. And they always proud & loud of being truthful. Honest. =)

Pink! - Raise Your Glass

Pink! - F**kin' Perfect

3. Great Articles
Thanks God I found two guhrrrrreeat articles.
The first was Kakek Pram's, titled
Best Story; The Book That Killed Colonialism. It published 12 years ago in New York Times, but I found it is very essential. The second is Andy Kessler's, Geopolitics a la Google - Lessons for the world from a "horizontal" company. I read it in Newsweek January edition. Viva Horizontal! \m/

4. Poetography by Fajar Nugros & Hasan Aspahani
I followed @captainugros and @haspahani in Twitter, and yesterday both of them collaborate to make beautiful things called Poetography. You could read it by clicking the link above. It is totally romantic in a beautiful way. C'est tres belle! =* =* =*
5. Elle! Indonesia edisi Februari 2011
I feel like I want to do a special review for this magz.
Man issues and full of H.O.T Guys!

6. My babies from Kulkith...
Just got text that mentioning my new babies had already sent. Yay!!
Can't waittttttt..... =3

7. A Brief History of Time

Call me a lovey-dovey now, not only to my boyfie, but also I'm really into Hawking's book. Haha. I know I'm a communication studies (graduated) student and I don't look that sci-fi enough to discuss about physics, but believe me, I fall in love to his writing. Now I believe that love should be described in 4-dimensional, space-time unit must be included! =P

8. My HOTtie
He's HOT. Period.
=* =* =*

That's my HOTlist for this week. Don't bother to click every link to explore. Enjoy! =*


Surat untuk Alanda Kariza


Aku lupa, kapan persisnya aku untuk pertama kali mendengar namamu. Alanda Kariza. Pasti cantik, itu yang terlintas pertama kali. Aku juga lupa, kapan pertama kali aku membaca tulisan tentangmu, atau tulisan yang berasal darimu sendiri. Tetapi aku ingat kesan yang pertama kali kutangkap. Wah, Alanda Kariza ini pasti pintar, tulisannya bagus. 

Aku mungkin lupa banyak hal, tapi aku ingat betul, kapan pertama kali kamu membuatku IRI, Alanda. Aku iri betul ketika membaca tulisanmu dalam seri Bunuh Diri Massal. Masih dalam versi blog. Di akun Multiply Fajar Nugros. Di detik itu aku iri denganmu. Bagaimana bisa anak yang kelahirannya dua tahun di bawahku menulis sebagus ini? Aku iri!

Penuh rasa iri, aku tetap menyarankan teman-temanku yang gemar membaca untuk menyimak BDM. Aku membahas pula BDM dalam beberapa perbincangan, termasuk menyebutkan namamu ketika berbincang dengan teman sekelas waktu SMA, Natasha Karina Ardiani. Ia kaget, menanyakan darimana aku mengenal namamu. Dengan ringan kujawab dari tulisanmu. Tasha bilang bahwa ia mengenalmu dari CosmoGIRL! of the Year event. Kalian sama-sama finalis. Wow! Oke, berarti yang namanya Alanda Kariza ini pasti cantik beneran deh, pikirku. Dan mulailah aku mencari tahu lebih jauh tentangmu. Tamparan keras rasanya ketika membaca kamu sudah memulai The Cure of Tomorrow saat itu. Oh Tuhan, kenapa kau ciptakan gadis secantik dan sesempurna ini hingga membuat aku terlihat bagai plankton di tengah lautan! 

Aku pernah diiri oleh teman, karena aku berani mengacungkan tangan dan bicara di dalam kelas. Tetapi kamu, Alanda, membuatku iri dan tersadar bahwa mengacungkan tangan di kelas tidaklah cukup. Iri padamu menyadarkan bahwa ada yang jauh lebih besar, lebih luas dan lebih segalanya yang bisa kita capai, bukan hanya mimpi. 

Pagi ini, setelah aku membaca tulisanmu tentang ibumu, terburu-buru aku mengambil air wudhu kemudian berdoa. Aku mendoakan ibumu beberapa kalimat saja, tapi mendoakanmu berlipat kalimat panjangnya. Aku pernah merasakan bagaimana rasanya tak berdaya melihat ibuku kesakitan dalam dua kali operasi besarnya. Aku tidak mengatakan derita kita sama, tentu, tentu tidak. Aku mendoakanmu karena khawatir, di beberapa bagian tulisanmu kamu terlihat hampir putus asa, Alanda. Tolong, jangan. Jika kamu yang telah melakukan banyak hal untuk negara ini, mulai hilang harap, lalu bagaimana dengan aku atau orang lain yang tipis keyakinannya? Kudoakan agar hanya kelancaran saja yang terjadi pada kasus ibumu, keadilan saja yang terjadi padamu, ketegaran saja yang menyertaimu, bukan yang lain.

Buat aku iri berkali-kali lagi Alanda. Buat aku iri.

Surabaya, 9 Pebruari 2011

P.S: Maaf. Ketika IYC 2010 diadakan, aku sedang gagal sidang skripsi, jadi aku tak bisa datang dan membantumu. =)


Mimpi Remaja a.k.a Teenage Dream. =D


Malam kemarin menarik bagi saya. Iseng-iseng membuka aplikasi Notes di seluler dan menemukan sebait kata-kata yang saya tulis untuk kekasih di malam ia meminta saya menjadi pasangan. Lucunya, saya malah belum menunjukkan bait itu dan baru kemarin ia membacanya. 
Telat. Pasti. 
Tapi ya sudahlah. Beruntung atmosfer mendukung, jadi ya masih bisa lah. Hehe.

Aku bukan sedang berjudi dadu
Pun tidak berpesta ciu.
Aku berhitung mantap, satu peluru.
Kutembak hatimu, dan
kuberikan milikku.

Gombal? Bisa dibilang.
Saya dibesarkan oleh orangtua yang luar biasa ekspresif untuk perihal cinta dan kasih sayang. Mulai buaian hingga belaian, tak ada yang disembunyikan. Semua terang-terangan.

Lha kok ya saya (Alhamdulillah) dapat pasangan yang ekspresif juga.
Dan secara tidak langsung, hal ini berpengaruh juga pada lagu yang saya gandrungi saat ini. Lagu yang terngiang-ngiang di kepala serta tak lepas dari gumaman adalah lagu Katy Perry yang Teenage Dream. Lagu ini tidak basa-basi, jujur, easy listening dan easy-remembered. Walhasil beberapa versi pun rajin saya nyanyikan. Mulai dari versi aslinya:

Versi Mike Tompkins yang sukses bikin nganga waktu pertama kali liat

Versi Boyce Avenue yang melankolis

Versi The Rescues yang super EMO(tional) =')

Pada dasarnya, saya menyukai lagu berdasarkan liriknya dulu, melodi mengikuti. Teenage Dream ini berhasil mencuri perhatian saya pada kekuatan lirik. Puitis karena kejujurannya. IMHO, denotasi kadang-kadang jadi daya tarik yang lebih, dibanding kalimat-kalimat bersayap yang seringkali kurang berisi. Biar temen-temen paham betul yang saya maksud, saya sisipkan pula versi dengan lirik. Hehe.

Musik latar bertema mimpi remaja ini memang cocok untuk mengiringi adegan hidup saya sekarang. Apalagi di saat pasangan mengirim pesan pendek seperti ini, beberapa malam lalu:

Pada suatu waktu, 
aku melawan lupa akan cinta 
dan membunuh waktu tanpa jeda.
Keduanya dengan bersandar padamu.
Tersebutlah engkau,
sandaran paling nyaman untuk suatu resah.

Aduh, saya mendadak meleleh dan cadel di detik itu juga.
#tercipu-cipu #mayu-mayu


Uniquely Designed: SuroBoyo!


Have you heard about my merchandise line before? If you haven't, it's okay, I'll tell you in short. I have worked with my animator partner, Mohammad Sholikin a.k.a Si Ikin in Gathotkaca Studio. We made a short animation movie, which had the local character as the main character: Suro Sudiro & Boyo Digdoyo 
(FYI, Surabaya came from Javanese word Suro & Boyo, in English: Shark & Crocodile).
Thanks to Internet, YouTube and 3gp technology, the video became a local hit and after won several festival, it became a national hit. =)

This is our first episode from the series

Now, we already have the merchandise line to fulfill the requests from our fans. This month, we are preparing for the next episode, titled: Kere T4pi Mbois. The official poster? Check this out.

While we are finishing the movie, we launched the newest design of Suro & Boyo's T-shirt. It is totally cool! Or "Mbois" in our word. =D

Code to request: MG. Left: front side, right: back side.
Code to request: LM. Left: front side, right: back side.
And one of our bestseller is ready on the stock now! Gathotkaca logogram! Hiyei!

Code to request: GK
So, don't bother to send your request to 08563163696
I'll help you to choose which suits you best.
Support your local movie movement. Oke Jeh?




Kesalahan 1: tidak teliti
Kesalahan 2: Tidak Teliti
Kesalahan 3: TIDAK TELITI!
Astaghfirullah Vonkaaaa, ayo sekarang yang teliti!

Solutions for my carelessness:
1. Take a note
2. Make a brief schedule
3. Read & listen carefully
4. Pay more and more attention into a thing which focused
5. Delete a procrastinating thing in my dictionary
6. Check & re-check
7. High awareness, initiative and pace.