D-1: Behind The Scene of Project Tobong


Wah, time flies at the speed of light! Somehow I don't believe that tomorrow is the day of Offsite Project Launch at Tobong. It means I only have 8 days to the final work. Huhuhu. I'll definitely miss these routines: photoshoot, on the road all day long, editing, visit & have a laugh with people in Tobong. I used to it now. =')

Anyway, I want to show you "the behind the scenes" of Tobong Project. I made most of it, except those whose had me inside, hehe. So I show you the selection of my favorite include several shot from my Instagram. Be prepare, it's a lot! =D
My bosses back: Helen Marshall & Risang Yuwono.
Assistant photographer means: a lot of things to carry.
Our Duke with his high top boots and his lovely Blackberry. =P
The flashes left by their master.
Our kind-hearted flash master & the multi-function reflector. 
Captured! It's quite hard for portraying plane & mas Klowor at a good proportion. Pfiuh..
Can you see him? He is Pak Gembus, standing in the fence of Monjali. Crazy.
mas Banjir, me & mas Klowor. They dressed up as thieves. Cool & scary!
And, tomorrow, everyone's invited for coming to our Project Launch. You included, of course. Just come to Dusun Bayen, Purwomartani, Kalasan Yogyakarta. For more info about the place, click www.ketopraktobong.com. Join us! =)


Flypost, Et Cetera, Yada Yada


photo taken by Risang Yuwono
I've told you before that now is the beginning of busy time in my workplace. It is, and I wanna show you one of that I'm doing: flypost! You might be see these papers sticked in the street at Jogja in next few days. Hope it will attract more people to participate in our program.

And I thought it was just yesterday I post about friends visit, but today I've got another surprise visit from c2o library/ayorek fellas, and surprisingly my professor at the college: Dede Oetomo. Really really happy! I miss them so much before. Even tomorrow they could visit Tobong and see Ketoprak as well as seeing what I'm working now. Double happiness! I love when my lovely friends and families around me. Nothing compare. 
For sure. 

*smile ear to ear*


Visit Time!


Last week I feel so delighted because many friends visit me & Rendy in Jogja. First, Ryan & Asikin were here, then a bunch of Sinematografi UA fellas came to JAFF (Jogja Asia-Netpac Film Festival). They healed my missing feelings to Surabaya and daily conversation. Short, but meaningful. And now I'm on the beginning of busy time of the Tobong Project. Don't forget to follow our development in Facebook page or in Twitter. We'll show you our progress! 

Me, Ryan, Asikin & Rendy: at Lempuyangan Train Station.
Teetha, me & Rendy: in front of TBY, coincidently Red. =D
Rido, Ayu, Sofi, Nene,  Fatan, Rico, Arif 'Ohini', Abu and several friends from Solo. Happy!
And yes, you could check out my instagram too, ini @vinkamaharani or you could click here if you don't have an account. Enjoy!