I Always Love.... Backseat.


Yea, I love backseat.
At the class, I could observe people better. Watching their expression, seeing them picking their nose, yawning, concentrating, and what-so-ever. 
Another backseat which I love is at the motorcycle, 
I could take pictures, observe the traffic, and watch my favorite object: lamps

These are various picture which I took yesterday.
look at the skies, dark!

some people say that this is a cinema long time ago. I wondering how it does look. 
(instead of the name is my ex name. =P)

This is the billboard of Marketing Festival that I really want to attend. 
But I don't know how my finance condition. *sigh*
You could open the poster of it here.

The billboard of Igor's Pastry above had a catchy tagline: "Healthy was Never This Tasty..."
*sorry for the blurriness anyway* 
And U could see the same Marketing Festival billboard in landscape shape there.

I love backseat.

P.S: another added point in motorcycle is u could hug ur lovely one and feel his/er heartbeat from the back.
It's make my love to backseat doubled. =D


Emotional Fluctuation: The Process of Learning


My life is going undocumented well lately. My rare blog-posting is the main indication. *sigh
Blog's helping me for realize my own story, learn from it, gratitude, conclude the pattern, et cetera, et cetera. Actually, life was going fluctuate. 
Up and down and round again, down and up and round again (Pink -- Crystal Ball).
I was working with my thesis, my job, my project.
Obstacle in the past just revealed, and slowly, I can compile the pieces of the puzzle.
Now I arrange it, and I learn the pattern. 
C'est la vie.
Such an economic fluctuation, I try to keep my life in status quo, against the inflation & deflation. 
What remain is, I still stood here, I ain't that easy to be broken

Enough for these serious thingies, let's cheer up with the photos! =D

My Job
*hidup ngasong! 
(loh. ehehe. Pengaruh film "Alangkah Lucunya (Negeri Ini)" nih)

People I work with. 
All of 'em is chatterbox, but witty indeed. =)

My Life
 Favorit place for now, with favorit Hot Chocolate to sip, 
Dapur Cokelat

My Project
The Photo Competition that I've held. 
Ooh, I can't wait tomorrow morning, we'll know the winner!