A Punctual Gift (Hadiah yang Tepat Waktu)


A day before yesterday, I met Kat and Andriew (close fellow from c2o) in Jogja. Ha! Somehow it feels different, have a meeting with friends from hometown, right at your new neighborhood, in new place you've never met. And I just realized, how I really miss the moments with them. Moments with old & casual friends, talking from nothing to something, babble about dreams and ordinary life. You'll know how precious a usual event when you find it become unusual. =)

Kat asked me and Rendy to meet in Lir, comfortable corner with mind-catching tagline [Books | Resto | Curiosities]. Got introduced with the owner, Dito and also Antariksa, chingu from Kunci. Silaturahmi always bring joy and at this time, those bliss really on my side. Kat gave me books and map (yay!) because she read on my previous post in this blog that I have difficulties for having them in nowadays. I really surprised, especially for the map. It will be my guidance and early target for my promenade here. Just need a second to take a look and the passion to this city was sizzling to the bone. Haha. Hope I have a time to bear and share it all to you. Thanks a lot Kat! 


Be Happy There, Pakde


Suddenly went home yesterday, because Pakde To, Rendy's uncle passed away. T_T
I still remember clearly, he's the one who enthusiastically told me the whole "family tree" in my first encounter with Rendy's family. He helped me for vanishing the awkward situation by actively introduced me many things related to the big family. 

I feel lucky for having a chance to meet him. Hope he's happy now in His side. Amien. 




It's already 11pm, but I have a bunch random things in my head. Need to write it up or I'll be a perfect insomniac while waiting the sahur time: super exhausting. =|

1. Want to make a Paypal account for having a Pro-Toshl, but my debit card lost so I should wait until the new in my hand. 
You know, as a newly wed, one thing I should learn more and more is about financial plan. I do really interested in Toshl, a well designed and friendly-user application to help me do that. Salivating immediately for make this application as mine, in Pro edition off course. =3

2. Directly addicted to
I don't think I should explain this. Just try to click and if you're not inspired, I doubt you as a human. Perhaps an alien or droid. =P

3. What should I do with the broccoli? 
I have broccoli in my fridge. When I bought it, I want to blanch then deep-frying this green veggie. But I don't know why, I'm losing my appetite to do so. Ottoke?

4. Bringing back the fit & active me!
Only 8 days in Jogja, except the beginning 2 days and I spent my days suffering many sickness in the rest. Phew. I guess it's all about the weather. Jogja is quite chill. And I've already used to the hot Surabaya. Influenza, cough, asthma, fever, sprue. I should adapt to the cycle of fasting month too. Lalala. I miss falling asleep because I'm tired after many activities, not because of sick. I will try as hard as possible to be healthy. Fighting!

5. I am a hubby's newbie assistant. Ha!
Lately, my hubby has a project which took many energies to be completed. I'm glad he's tried to make me involved. Perhaps by helping him write-copy things in formal writing, I could gather my confidence in writing a piece or two. =) *crossed my finger*

6. Library, bibliotheque, book-club. I miss 'em...
Books are my guilty pleasure, best friend and endless source for my life. I will start to find my oase in this town. Already googled-it-up and found that Jogja has many. But finding the comfortable one is always another thing. Wish me luck! 

warmest regards from Jogja,
Vinka Maharani


+11 Days


Yes, 11 days after my wedding and I feel everything surround me are new. A lovely face beside me when I wake up, a new routine, a new place as I called "home", even a new city. =)

I moved to Jogja since several days ago. Still trying to adapt with the neighborhood. The weather is so chill, what I want to do just staying at bed, crawl under the blanket. Haha. 

Bad news is me and Rendy got sick. I got an asthma attack too. My target for cleaning up & decorating my home in a week just ruined. =( But in other side, with these cough and influenza on us, I feel blessed. Now I know how he's took care of me, how he could accept me even in my ugliest face. =P It makes a familiar quote reflects on my head: 

"Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up."*
Let me add the sentence:  
"The best part is, we (are) growing up together"

 *: a quotation by Joseph Barth


Man and Wife


Mr & Mrs Wadipalapa


(Hopefully) Very Inviting Invitation


In my opinion, one thing that every bride-to-be should pay extra attention for their wedding party is invitation. Seriously, I thought that invitation took biggest portion of wedding-thingies. You should think many aspect of it: design, price, amount of order, production time, the delivery, etc. Remember that every aspect could affect your budget (paying the designer, offset production, stamp).

Lucky me, I have people around who help me a lot for this. My wedding invitation designed by my brother, mas Fatah (contact him here, or here). My friend Hafi, take care the production process in her boyfriend offset. People with relation mostly never failed me. I believe that they will do their best effort, more than people I didn't know before. I could check them comfortably and it could reducing the worries and tension in pre-marriage. =)

For the design, I don't have any obstacle. Rendy and I discussed about the color first. I give an idea with my most favorite colors: turqoise & mustard, and showing him this invitation ( as a concept. He directly liked it. 
Then I told mas Fatah about the concept, the colors, and the personality of me and Rendy. I thought it should be representing us, immediately at the time the invitee received and read. As I expected, the result is awesome! =D
Almost every people complimenting this invitation: unique, very young, "it's definitely you, Vin!", cute, etc. Hahaha. Even Hafi, say that I'm the first couple use a colorful invitation. Nowadays, usually people choose pastel color, or two combination color, or earth color such as brown, gold, terracotta. Being common and ordinary is boring. *menjura* =P

When I started distributing, most of my friend whose not living in Surabaya or Mojosari wonders, why should I collect their address and try to send the invitation to them. They said: why don't you use Facebook or Blackberry Messenger Vin? It's cheaper and more practical. =| Reside to me, I feel honored when someone invites me in a piece of invitation, sent by him/herself or by post. That's why I want to do the same to others. Somehow, it shows respect. Then, for the silly reason: it feels so romantic when you stick the stamp. The feeling just doubled after you received the picture of your invitation in invitee's hand. Priceless. 
In post office, sticking the stamps!
Received by lovely Mirza (a.k.a Mika) Affandy
Last thing, remember carefully that invitation's for inviting people to your happiest day. So you should concentrating to the content. Make it easily for the invitee to understand your party/event. =)

That's all. In next 10 hours I'll face my holy vow. Hope everything goes smoothly. Happy inviting fellas!


-104 hours


"When you realize you want to spend 
the rest of your life with somebody, 
you want the rest of your life to start
 as soon as possible." 
- When Harry Met Sally

PS: This is the exact reason why I want to marry him. =)