Yes, it's kind of ridiculous post-title. But I want to do it right now, because I'm bloody happy!

There are several things that made me so happy yet curious and eager and bla and bla and bla.. Hooo..
I won't reveal all of it, because some of it will be happen tomorrow. 
So, the first is: 
My thesis theme were accepted by the head of lecturer. And at this theme, I'll work with my favorite blogger(s). The one has accept my offering is Benazio Rizky Putra or Benakribo (
Yippie yay! I want to do Gulung-Gulung.....! =D
sama Bena di HelloFest 2009 kemaren *look at his eye. uber-kewl! ^^v

Then, what next? Let's see tomorrow! 
mille bisous,
Vinka Maharani

Life Comma


My life is in a comma. I want people looks at my life as a whole. Don't blame one side or another. Don't put the blame to my work, to my dreams, to my family, to my social life, to my love life. -____-"

I still couldn't & won't understand, why do they ask me to stop working. As a fact, that was the last thing on earth which keep me moving & doesn't stuck at this comma. 

And thanks to God whose still give me sparks in my comma. God gives me friends, events & many things to keep me alive.

Sorry for this mellow post, but this photos will cheer us up! ^^v

Opening Win's Pancake house di G-Walk, Citraland

Chilli Cheese Me, yummy!

Satnite with Dudulz-Dudulz ini, @rikzArif & @rzky3amaldi (*kenalan ama Petet & Zaki jugaa)

Look at them both! Dudulz twin! *even the stripes shirt -_-"



May the SMARTEST be blessed. Long live!
*gambar diambil di Gubeng Kertajaya 7i, Surabaya, ketika banjir melanda. 
Air setinggi betis. 
Kecoa-kecoa lain mengambang & hanya satu yang berhasil bertahan dengan naik di atas laci (part of it).
Be Smart, and you'll survive. 

mille bisous,
Vinka Maharani

I miss my blog!!!!!


Uh ohhhh, I miss my daily-writing. I miss my blog. =(
But I'm so in love for being busy-bee again.
Thesis, daily class, my part-time work, T-shirt business and social thingies. 
Yes dear, I'll share the stories then. But now, I'm off. 

mille bisous,
Vinka Maharani