Emergency Breakfast


Have to go to outlet in a very short time. Doesn't have enough minutes for buying a breakfast, then I just bring 2 eggs. Yes, raw material. And ask a favor to my chef-mate. Voila! Deliciousss! =D


A Soapy Story: Teman Seperjalanan (Companion)


The picture above is Finna Kurniawati, the violinist player which Rendy and I had seen last week. Her recital could cure my thirst of art, especially after I took the recent job. My favorite composition is The Nightingale (by Deborah Henson-Conant), the last composition. Finna collaborated with Shienny Kurniawati in harp, and Glenn Bagus Zulkarnain in piano. It is very beautiful. And it's interesting for me, because I could listen harp in live version, for the first time. Lovely. 

Tonight, is the first night for Rendy staying in Jogja for his study. And for the first time I feel so worried and many indescribably feeling scattered in my mind. Both of us doesn't suit into long distance relationship and will try to be as close as we could. Some people says, it is about trust between the couple or love level between 'em, yada yada. It's all up to them to judge on those reason, but I have different opinion. I know and understand myself. I understand that I'm a melancholic person, always be in detail and also put my feelings and logics at the same time into my behavior and action. I don't need a man who will talk a lot with me when I'm down, I just need a hand to hold mine. I don't need a man who asked me why I cry, but I need him whose give me and let his handkerchief wet by my tears. I don't think texts, YM and Skype could do that. 

Many friends (and usually Rendy's student) make fun of us when he start writing a poetic sentence for me in Twitter, or when I brought a lunch for him, do some surprise visit in campus, and he came when I have my break, etc. They say that we are too romantic. =D I don't know why they said "too" in their sentence. Isn't it great? Isn't it brighten your day? Come on, don't be hypocrite. Who doesn't love a surprise breakfast in the morning? Or a paragraph of supporting poem in a middle of your hectic tasks? These little things made my day, and I hope his too. 

Every single day is actually the same, 24 hours, day and night. What makes difference is HOW you passed the day. This is how I want to spend my life, this is the way that won't bring grief at my old age. Life with no regret, fulfilled with love: parfait. 

When I enjoyed this world, then I could bring my best too. As @ndorokakung said, "If someone brings out the best in you, you're with the right person." That's why I choose him as the companion of my life journey.  Bismillahirrohmanirrohim. 


The Iron Lady


"Watch your thoughts for they become words. 
Watch your words for they become actions. 
Watch your actions for they become... habits. 
Watch your habits, for they become your character. 
And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny! 
What we think we become. "
~ Margaret Thatcher


Hello February!


Alhamdulillah, February is here! This month is kind of cure, I feel relieved. After a short but heartbreaking "boarding house drama", I've already moved into a new boarding house. The happy part is, the new proprietor of my old boarding house could not hurt my heart again. The sad part is, I should separated from my lovely Pinky Badak friends. :(
Hanif, Tiwi, Kanti, me, Ming, Fanny, Bundo & Rida. Luv them all!
Anyway, at this post, I want to share several things that I love. It's been too long for me not doing this. Hehe. Okay, let's start it fellas!

When I went to my workplace, had my morning shift, our crew usually turn the music out loud. We can't listen music while we're open because our music is the live cooking itself. =) I don't know why, but mostly they play is melancholic song or dangdut. One mellow song that most-played is Aku yang Tersakiti by Judika. His voice is amazing, no doubt. And if you listen its lyric carefully, you could feel the optimism in it, good spirit. Hehe.

Then, let's go to Korea. =D This time I feel like missing "We Got Married" variety show. I miss Khuntoria (Nickhun 2PM - Victoria f(x)), I miss Adam couple (JoKwon 2AM - Ga In Brown Eyed Girl), but the most I missed so much is YongSeo (YongHwa CNBLUE - SeoHyun SNSD). Adam couple have an enthralling performance in MBC Gayo Daejun 2011, but it's kind of long time not hearing a news from YongSeo. YongSeo probably the most timid WGM couple, but the way they show love to each other is so cute, because of it. Here is Banmal Song, in their recent live duet. Lovely...

And suddenly I found this kyoooo (cute) picture of Gikwang wearing a coat with giant hoodie. Giant hoodie is my favorite, I love to wear them. I feel safe. =D

Then... the thing I do love this time is Jessie J's Domino. The opening lyric is so me... Hehehehe.
"I'm feeling sexy and free~ ~"

The last thing that I wanna share this time is today = my off day. It means, I could watch movie with Rendy. Yayyy! =D

Vinka Maharani