The Garage Sale


Saturday morning, I was very exciting to start the day. It'll be my first garage sale. Then I came to the venue at 8am and my mood was dropped looking the venue still unprepared and no committee there. 
No one. =(
Okay, I came back to my boarding house and discussed with my friends about our theme. FYI, for the best decoration in this event will be awarded. So we've agreed to make our stand to be in "Eco-friendly Laundry" theme. 
Kanti and our jemuran
Hanger from scout's stick
It's garage sale, so we sell second-hand book too
The event goes so-so, doesn't crowd too much. If it looks crowd, it is caused by the ratio of visitor and venue space were too tight. It is actually inspacious. And I, honestly, disappointing by committee's rule. They explained to me that, it is garage sale, so your main things to sell was second hand or already owned by another people. You could bring a new thing, but it's a side sales. In fact, another stand were a boutique, or online shop which had 2 rows of hanger in their stand, full stocked by BRAND NEW clothes. And how about their "secondhand things"? It's just one box, or 1 suitcase maximum. 

The worst thing for me, the media publication of this event were too exaggerated. At this article, the committee said the 18th stand sell recycle things made from unused goods. Err... even I didn't sell recycle things, I sell unused clothes and another matter. 

But anyway, there's always a lesson for every fall. Another time, I should take an offer carefully, and do a thorough, precise check & re-check for my business thingies. Big thanks for my friends, which already support me, Kanti, Rida, Tiwi (gembul, gembuk, syium). I believe we could do better than this. Rikza Cmanka, for supplying us the snacks. Nadzor, Poet, She, Khoti for the stuffs. And off course my lovely boyfie, for the energy & your caring presence. Love you all!
Kanti, Tiwi, me. Captured by Rida

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