Daily Day


I'm getting busier by the project. Trying hard to balance between house-work and the project. It is hard, for sure. I even get a vertigo that I haven't had before. But still, I'm enjoying every phase of it happily. =)
You could visit Tobong project's website now: www.ketopraktobong.com. You could check the progress, everyday. And you could follow it in Twitter too: @ketopraktobong.

Anyway, being in work doesn't mean you should lose your happy time. I spent my last weekend at NgayogJazz 2012, in Brayut village, Sleman. I will tell you the complete story later. And I obviously explore Jogja more and more: new places, new peoples, new tastes, new happiness! For example, I have had dinner last week with colleagues in Kedai Kebun. Artsy for sure, because it is run by artist. I captured few pictures where they held an exhibition. Unique!
Book Play Project #01, this dragon made from paper!
The Dragon, closer look

"Frighten", It's only one word from a sentence. All of 'em were cut-out like this.  

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