"Sometimes, being financially limited made people smarter in using cheapskate."

I love doing cheapskate. Not only after I read B.T.D.T.G.T.T.T.S by Risyiana Muthia and Emeralda N.A. but a long time ago before it. Yes, I've already read this book. It mentions cheapskate too, even give you some guidance. 

Anyway, what is cheapskate Von? Based on the book, cheapskate is: using creativity to minimize your expense. In dramatic way >> it's an art which only chosen people did whose bring the efficient & economical principle into advanced level! =D It sounds opportunist? Off course. But I don't think it's dangerous or harm others, then go on beibi! =P

I'm a real cheapskater, and I'm proud of it. Hehehe. Call me as the laziest person in this earth, and I won't bothered, because it's true. I'm so lazy but I'm greedy in other side. I have many goals, targets in my life. That's why I have to think harder on how should I spend my energy and source to the least, but still getting the maximum effect. It is the very basic idea of cheapskate. I'll tell you the example: I should go to the library in the campus. It has big square yard in the front. There is a pathway in the side, with several trees which covered you from the sun. I choose NOT walking in the path, but walking diagonally across the yard, in a fast pace. Why? 1st, based on Pythagoras law, diagonal side of  the right triangle is the shortest than the sum of its two sides. 2nd, based on basic physics & biology law, the calories which I need to traverse the yard will still be reduced by the reduction of fluid made ​​of sunlight on our body surface area. That's why we should walk in fast pace under the direct sunlight, for avoiding dehydration. 

Several people laughing when I explained all of this. They said: come on Von, why are you so serious just about walking to the library? You even use many theories! I just smile and said on my mind: "Be my guess". There is a reason why you've already learned about Pythagoras since you're elementary school, learned IPA or IPS. If these simple theories could not be applied into your life, how about the complicated one? I believe the theorist already have long process before their thoughts formally called as a theory. I respect the process by learning and applying the theory. For "going to library" case, I don't need to think, FYI. I just think of it once, a long time ago. Then for the second and third, I just remembered and make this simple thing into my habit. Habit doesn't need thinking process. At all. 

Yesterday, I did a cheapskate move that I'm proud of. Haha. What is it? Buying fruits in supermarket. Hihi. Firstly, I just getting better from sick. I have ISPA/Upper Respiratory Tract Infections. And now I'm in healing phase where my appetite getting higher and have my hunger easily. As my sickness, I could not eat fried food, instant noodles, ice cream, cold food, peanuts, chocolate and every food which made my throat itchy. Regarding that I lived in Surabaya, it is very hard for finding snacks with those criteria. I thought and re-thought, then I choose for buying fruits. Even fruits, I still could not eating fruits which have gum (usually into dicotyledon class). Fortunately, the yummy and forbidden fruits averagely expensive, then allowed fruits were quite cheap. Ha! I choose for buying Salak Pondoh (Salacca edulis) & Red Guava (Psidium guajava). There are 2 kind Salak Pondoh: export quality and local/ordinary. Do you know how much the price difference? Twice! In fact, you just need spend 5 minutes for finding the good Salak Pondoh in local/ordinary basket, then you'll get the same quality as the other one. I got 800grs Salak in IDR 5600, in a very good quality. Then I got 600grs Guava in IDR 4500. Cheap! And healthy!

Some people advised me for buying the fruits in traditional market for having cheap fruits. As my experience before, you'll have a good price in traditional market (in Surabaya) if you have at least 1 to 3 conditions: #1, buying seasonal fruits #2, you are good in bargaining #3, you could speak Maduranese. Yes, seriously. And I'm not good at those three, that's why I choose buying in supermarket where I could compare the price directly. Don't worry, supermarket always have SALE section. =P

Being cheapskater exercises me for making decision sharply and faster. Why? Because I could not waste my time on thinking one subject only. Now, I even try to practice how thinking efficiently and as much thoughts in one go: multitasking. Yes, it's another thing mentioned in B.T.D.T.G.T.T.S., and I'm on my process for mastering it. Hihi. 

Then, how about you? Have an interest in cheapskating?  
Need some help?
Read the book!

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