Do You Really Know?


Do you know how fast my heart beats today? 
If gambling allowed, I put my bet on the highest place that it beats like crazy, and the fastest in this world.
Today, is Rendy's proposal. 
The day that I (and he) have been waiting for. 
A first step into the big thing between both of us. Aw aw aw!
I don't know why, but the proposal went so fast. His family opened the talk first and directly asking about my "availability", and ask me to be a part of his family. 
To be his wife. 

I saw his face. 
The lovely face that I want to see every morning when I wake up.
I saw his family. 
The warm family, that respect me as honestly I am.
It's enough reason to say yes. Everybody know that I will say yes, but in Javanese culture, my family will answer it for me. It would be a month, more or less.
I'll start to count the day, again. 
Preparing the answering event. 
But still, the first step, which is the hardest, had done. 

I keep smiling ear to ear as remembering today, especially when he text me and call me as "calon istriku". =D
Suddenly, I remembered his post on my FB's wall, after his birthday. 
Syahdan, tercekatlah aku menatap matamu.
Membangun kesadaran sambil tenggelam dalam binar itu.
Masihkah engkau memelihara angan-angan kita?
Bertamasya bersama dan membangun rumah sederhana?
Aku tak pernah serunyam ini, cintaku.
Dalam situasi babak-belur dihantam rindu.
Yes, we are on our right track, mon cheri. We'll make our dreams come true. 
Sorry for make you bored at this picture. This is really my favorite. =D

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