I Always Love.... Backseat.


Yea, I love backseat.
At the class, I could observe people better. Watching their expression, seeing them picking their nose, yawning, concentrating, and what-so-ever. 
Another backseat which I love is at the motorcycle, 
I could take pictures, observe the traffic, and watch my favorite object: lamps

These are various picture which I took yesterday.
look at the skies, dark!

some people say that this is a cinema long time ago. I wondering how it does look. 
(instead of the name is my ex name. =P)

This is the billboard of Marketing Festival that I really want to attend. 
But I don't know how my finance condition. *sigh*
You could open the poster of it here.

The billboard of Igor's Pastry above had a catchy tagline: "Healthy was Never This Tasty..."
*sorry for the blurriness anyway* 
And U could see the same Marketing Festival billboard in landscape shape there.

I love backseat.

P.S: another added point in motorcycle is u could hug ur lovely one and feel his/er heartbeat from the back.
It's make my love to backseat doubled. =D

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