Addicted with: Consistency


I always have a favorite thing in a range of time: song, artist, book, author, and even word. For the instance, nowadays, I'm addicted with a word: consistency. It resounds in my head, over and over. Brought several thought which lead me into ideas, discussions, writing, trashy talk, etc. For the beginning, I write some of my favorite quotes with "consistency" in it. 

But change must always be balanced 
with some degree of consistency.
Ron D. Burton


Everything you need to get that relaxed driving 
that brings consistency only comes with practice.
John Surtees

Good acting is consistency of performance.
Jim Dale

I have no consistency, except in politics; 
and that probably arises from my indifference 
to the subject altogether.
Lord Byron

We are not interested in the fact that the brain 
has the consistency of cold porridge.
Alan Turing

Haha. Most of it had a taste of sarcasm. Ow yeah, I'm solemnly sarcastic. 

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