To Fall-In-Love


As my discussion with friends, I asked myself, why should we fall to be in love? Why was the verb is "fall", not another? Then after several brainstorm, debate, et cetera, I conclude that fall is the closest word to describe what we felt when we were in love. I am tomboy, for example, and you could find me browse "how-to-use-make-up" video in Youtube, just to make me look better when I meet Rendy. =P We were really fall into a place where you could not guess and expect before. 

Secondly, falling describes how we felt. We are falling into a deep feeling. We were voluntarily miserable, messed up, because of love. Love is deep. It isn't love if you just find everything safe and sound. And now, I choose to fall

My mother and father (Ibu & Bopo) taught me how to fall in love continuously. Both of them still call each other with "Dear" until now, their 32nd years of marriage. They still kiss, hug, flirt publicly. Both of them trying to make each other proud and did many things to make their spouse fall in love, again. 

I remembered how my father sadness when my mother had her hysterectomy (pengangkatan rahim). And I remembered how he took care my mother until now. Mom said, there's only 3 things to make you stay and always amaze with your spouse: trust, faithful, be the best for him/her.

Bopo, mbak Maya, mbak Ratih, Mom & me
Mom & Bop, Tulangan - early 90's
Mom & Bopo, Makkah 2002
Dieu, bring us forward, 
as my parents showed me how to do that. 

Rendy, PS: Happy 8 months! =*

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