As a favorite song this week, I choose "Change" by HyunA ft Junhyung.
At first, I knew this song because Shin Bong Sun's dance accompanied by B2ST in Star Dance. But then, when I tried finding the original version by HyunA, then I loved it more. The dance, its lyric, it matches with her sexy looks. And the dance could make you wake up easily when you practiced it. I did. =D

This is Bong Sun version

And this is the real HyunA! With the georgeous Junhyung of course.. =9

Instead of those generic things, It’s my own slogan
Instead of those similar ideas, It’s my own logo
What you want? (What you do), Tell me baby what you do
Don’t mind the others and step, step, swagger

(I can change) No matter how hard it may be
(You can change) No matter what others say
(We can change) The way I want
Pop, pop, pop my collar !
(Do it up) And don’t mind the others
(Take it on) Everyone to the sky
(Jumping up) Do it, do it, do it better!

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