Mbak Fidya's Wedding


Just recognized that I haven't post my trip last week to Gresik, for attending my office-mate's wedding: Fidya Safitri Aulani & Mohammad Nadjib.
Here is the happy bride and groom!
I slept-over in Arlia's aunt house with several other office-mates. We agreed wearing pink as our dress-code. All in kebaya! =)
Arlia & Poet
Me and Astria
I also met my best-friends from high school after a long time missing them. Ah, this is the feeling of being older: even best-friends had their own dreams. I should learn how to let them go to catch theirs and support them however it is. Less time together, but it's okay. That is maturation. I hope I could aged gracefully, with all of this love shower from friends, family and lover. =) 
left: me & koko PJ, right: Rikza & me. Suddenly missed my high school time with 'em!
At the wedding, there was a band entertained the audience with religious song (it's a request from mbak Fidya's mother in law. hehe). Then Ganes, internship-er of my office which was a university choir member, asked me to accompany him in the stage. Haha. Just look at my face below. =D
Anyway, because of this event, I'd like to have experiments in make-up things. Astria asked me to do her eyes make-up. Not bad, I thought. For my own make-up, I used my newest eye-shadow set: Merak Kasmaran by Sari Ayu. I love the turqoise effect on my eyes. Then, when I went home, my kost-mate asked me to do her graduation make-up, next month. Wow. It's a big deal instead. Hmm, I feel challenged! 
How do I look? ;;)

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