Tonight, I Made A Promise


As the day of heroes in Indonesia, I tried to contemplate and think deeper about what I have done to this country, to these people I loved. Having a dinner with close friends, rethought about what should we prepare to face the next phase of our life. And I realized, I made mistakes, fell several times to reach this point. Being grateful is great, but gratefulness without a real act is incomplete, in my own opinion. So I made a promise tonight, for the past passed and the future ahead. If there are benefits, I will certainly spread it as the widest. But if there's only loss, then let me fix it again and again.

I can't share it to you now, but I hope the d-day will come soon. Wish me luck fellas. 
Freedom or death! 
 Bandas Ledam's BTS photos. A movie that I produced with friends from Sinematografi UA. 
A hint of my promise. ;)

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