Song(s) of the Week!


These are most repetitious song for me in this week. Drake video's so different than his before. Yoseob always lovely in every song. All of this song have the power on their lyrics. Enjoy!

"It’s my birthday, I get high if I want to
Can’t deny that I want you, but I lie if have to
Cause you don’t say you love me
To your friend when they ask you
Even though we both know that you do (you do)"

"What do you like about me? That's what I'm curious about
Since when did I live in your heart?
I'm curious too, I'm curious about your heart
Whether you really like me and not hate me?"

"If I have a boy friend, there'll be so many things I want to do
I've dreamt I have a boy friend like that
The first, kissing him in the street
The second, catching the early train for Chooncheon with him
The third, going on a picnic with him
The fourth, the piggy back ride
The fifth, couple-ring is basic to our love
Boo boo boo It'll be really sweet"

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