A Great Day to Remember


It's already 4 months passed, since the wedding. Life's getting better and better. Sometimes I wander with my mind and said to myself: this is how "mature" life that I wondered when I still a kid. Up and down, arguing here and there, and almost too many laughs and loves wraps us: 
my little world called as family

Obama's fate as a president destined today, but the only thing about him get through my head is how he told a story about family in Oprah Show. He said, after having a different status as a president, everything's change. He could not do anything he would do, what he usually did. Then he realized, how he should be thankful and grateful into every moment when those usual things could happen naturally. He used to walk and talk with the neighbors, walk with his daughter to the park and push the swings for her. He said, perhaps he's already made policies with many pro-cons, criticized everywhere, raised many doubt of being legitimate president and et cetera. But he's really sure, he wouldn't put it in his thought at the end of the day. He's prefer to remember how he spent his summer holiday with his family: walking up the hill while holding Michele's, teaching Sasha and Malia throwing pebbles in Maine. 

I woke up this morning, have my husband's writing in newspaper, inhale fresh air while going to nearby market, got an expensive-freebies-ice cream for my phone credit's buying, have big half of watermelon in my fridge, sun shines brightly and tonight I will watch JHF's (Jogja Hiphop Foundation) concert. What could I ask for more? 

I'm really sure, this is a great day to remember at the end of my day. 

PS: Kalau anda sedang ragu-ragu memutuskan untuk (segera) menikah atau tidak,
tontonlah video ini. Sampai detik terakhirnya. ;)

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