Personal Branding & Learning Curve


First quarter of 2018 just passed and I could said it's a time full of learning. Have you experienced when you're committed to something then universe pour you its blessing? I just feel it after made a  decision to learn harder this time. I met fabulous mentors and they taught me a lot. 

It's always hard when you admitted mistakes you made, especially when you believed it for long time. For the last 2 years I believed I built @braavosknit in right direction, separated my business with my personal life. I was so confident because I believed I've already had enough knowledge in personal branding & marketing things. Later I should admit that was wrong move and sorting all of it again, put all the pieces puzzle from beginning, starting again. Integrating my personal life/branding with my business is my goal for now. The goal's met when I don't have to say/introduce/telling stories about what I did when meeting someone who knew me. 

Vinka Maharani = Braavosknit/knit/knitting/knitwear designer/yarnshop owner. 

So if you saw me learn to write by doing #RamadanMenulis challenge in @vinkamaharani, bear with it ;D. Now I'm taking step back so I can move forwards for my future life. =)

I'm leaving while give you my recent favorite musician, 10cm, because his voice is sweet and he wears cute purple knitting sweater. 

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