Yes, it's kind of ridiculous post-title. But I want to do it right now, because I'm bloody happy!

There are several things that made me so happy yet curious and eager and bla and bla and bla.. Hooo..
I won't reveal all of it, because some of it will be happen tomorrow. 
So, the first is: 
My thesis theme were accepted by the head of lecturer. And at this theme, I'll work with my favorite blogger(s). The one has accept my offering is Benazio Rizky Putra or Benakribo (
Yippie yay! I want to do Gulung-Gulung.....! =D
sama Bena di HelloFest 2009 kemaren *look at his eye. uber-kewl! ^^v

Then, what next? Let's see tomorrow! 
mille bisous,
Vinka Maharani

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