Life Comma


My life is in a comma. I want people looks at my life as a whole. Don't blame one side or another. Don't put the blame to my work, to my dreams, to my family, to my social life, to my love life. -____-"

I still couldn't & won't understand, why do they ask me to stop working. As a fact, that was the last thing on earth which keep me moving & doesn't stuck at this comma. 

And thanks to God whose still give me sparks in my comma. God gives me friends, events & many things to keep me alive.

Sorry for this mellow post, but this photos will cheer us up! ^^v

Opening Win's Pancake house di G-Walk, Citraland

Chilli Cheese Me, yummy!

Satnite with Dudulz-Dudulz ini, @rikzArif & @rzky3amaldi (*kenalan ama Petet & Zaki jugaa)

Look at them both! Dudulz twin! *even the stripes shirt -_-"

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