#2: I Love Brainies, May I Have One? ;;)


Yup, finally had done my 2 days of conference, November 22nd-23rd 2010. Indo ICC or Indonesia International Conference on Communication, held by Communication Department, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Indonesia. 
My paper got accepted, so I became a presenter there. 
Had several lecturing session with people whom usually "only-read" on the cover of book, such as Prof. Stephen Littlejohn, Prof David T. Craig, Prof David Marshall, Prof Alwi Dahlan, Prof Alois Nugroho, and Dr Ade  Armando. Most of them delivering on how important we prepare and getting ready to the changes that happened because of the technology in communication, digitalization, etc. 
It's obvious. I'm delivering this message by blog, rite? =)

The professors
Shattered in the table.
Favorite dress for my presentation day. I know it's over-worn, but what-so-ever. =P
At this kind of academician forum, I feel surrounded by brainies. You know, people with brain or brainy, and the plural form is brainies. =P 

I always perceived that brainy is always sexy, instead of his/er physical appearance. If s/he could make their appearance fit on 'em, wow, it's HOT. So when I surrounded by the HOT brainies, I felt like having a fever. First, I admire it. Second, may I have one please? ;;)

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