#4 Jogja & Solo: Let's go!


My last route for the journey were Jogja & Solo. I have no duty to do here, so it is full of fun! =D


At Jogja, my sister's boyfie take care of me. Tengkyuuuuu mas Andre! >:D<
My body was so tired, so I fulfill my day at Jogja for sleeping. =D Then I spent my nite with grabbing grilled squids, then go chat till late with mas Andre. Great time. I hope we'll have a great result. Amin!

From Jogja to Solo, I took PramEks (Prambanan Ekspress) which is a short-destination train route. The ticket was only 9000 rupiahs or $1. Cheap and fast. =)

Purple-ly PramEks. Prambanan Ekspress. Unyuuuuu. =P
Inside the Prameks. The guy on the left with white shirt had a very beautiful eyes. =)
I love the ambiance inside PramEks. Warm. People goes with their family, friends because it's saturday. 
Jokes heard everywhere. I love watching people smiles.

Finally arrived! Yay! =D
 Hafi, my beloved friend pick me at Solo Balapan. We've been lived one roof, when she still studied at Unair, but now she choose to continue it in UNS. I'm starved to the death, so Hafi brought me to the unique Solo's dish: Timlo. 

Timlo Komplit + Caramel Ice! Yummmmy....
Yes, here. At Timlo Sastro. =)
It's blurry, I know, but I love this pic. Miss u already Hapiiii! =*
 For the nite, Hafi took me to Bebek Pak Slamet. I found a great drink there: Es Gula Asem. =D
It is tamarind extract with simple syrup. The taste is same as Gulas candy, but in liquid proportion.

Es Gula Asem. Nice!
Then we were going to Ngarsopuro Night Market. And the best treasure of the journey was found here! =D

Best treasure at this adventure. Ahayhay!
After buying 2 glasses, we're going home and buy fresh milk from Boyolali at Shi Jack's stall. The boy-seller using many tricks such a bartender, even it's milk, hot milk, ice milk, etc. Pretty cool. Hehe.

I love Solo, I love all of the cities I've visited.
Every city has its own story and I recorded it on my heart, deeply.
Thanks for every one which responsible for my life at every city:
Pak Lemon, Devi, Kung, Destri, Mas Andre & Hafi.
Love u all!

=* =* =*

This is the reason why I love sunny day, I could put my sunglasses legally. Ehehehehe.
Look at the crack at the train window. It's so Indonesian typical scenery. *sigh
The victim of the journey. 2 pairs of shoes actually. =P
P.S: Maybe I need another journey next year. 
Abroad? Hmm.
I prefer Sumatera & Celebes. 
*crossed my finger

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