World's Always Know & Never Forget


Just read late post from Diana. I absolutely agree in every word of it.

"I often find people who treat real life and internet as two different worlds, therefore show different personalities too. Why? Internet is also "real life", you know? At least for me. What I say & portray on my blog is exactly who I am in real life. So this is me. Raw. Internet helps us to reach those who can't be reach physically. And at the end of every reach, there are real life humans. Whatever you say or write on the internet, the world can see, the humans can feel. Have a heart. Even on the internet."
 -- :), Diana Rikasari

Internet IS A REAL LIFE. I don't understand how people act innocent in "face to face" mode, but they are mocking the same thing (or person) in internet. Saying rubbish then erase and act nothing happened. Pardon my simple mind, I just can't. 
Have a heart, please. 
You don't have to turn your face for knowing what people do. You feel it.

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