No, no, don't worry, I'm not pregnant. Haha. I just want to share my thought about this baby-will-be-boom around me.Today, I just heard the hottest news in office that my SPV, mbak Fidya is expecting. Yep, the same person that I’ve told you here, in her wedding.

After my own sister (you could read her proposal and wedding stories), Mbak Na, now mbak Fidya is pregnant. I feel happy and exciting at the same time. But suddenly I remember about my warm conversation with mbak Jatu, my senior in campus and the owner of Galeri Bebi Lucu, about a choice about pregnancy. Mbak Jatu has committed with her husband for having 2 years without kid(s) after their marriage. After 1,5 years, the feeling came. Mbak Jatu herself want to have the baby, and that's how it goes. It is smooth at the beginning but because of the lack of preparation and planning, made the second baby came only in 14 months after the first baby. Yes, 14 months. And IT IS a heavy task to handle.

I always reflect to myself after seeing some phenomena around me. Several questions popped out, uncontrollable.
When will I feel the same feeling as mbak Jatu's? 
Is it soon after the marriage, or later? 
How if blablabla, and blablabla. 

Me & Rendy already talked about pregnancy things several months ago, about the planning after marriage, our ages, our mental age, etc. The most "speechless" moment in pregnancy case was when I told him my target for having a movie festival, held by my own studio. Suddenly, he smiled and laughed with a lovely sight. I asked him why and he answered, "I don't know why, but I imagined you will lead a meeting with your festival committee with a big bump in your stomach. Yes, pregnant." He can't stop smiled, and I left frozen with question marks in my head. He said that it looks cool on his opinion. There's a side of motherhood, femininity but also a strong of leadership at once glance. Ah, my loony lover. =D

Basic thing, when the baby is "well-planned", from most of couples that I knew, the baby will be welcomed happily by all of the family and friends. If it isn't, off course they still happy, but I could see the happiness is less. In my own opinion, every single baby have a right for the warmness of family, the full joy and love. So, it is our responsibility (yes, me too, in next couple years, hehe) for thinking wisely and plan neatly, for a bright future of us.

Didn't I sound too serious this time? Ah, forgive me fellas. ;)
Me & "BuMil" (pregnant mom). Me, Mbak Na & mbak Fidya

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