New Year, New Work, New You?


Omo! It's been changing year but I haven't post anything. Hikshiks. 
Happy new year anyway, fellas! Have you had new thing in this new year? Because I have. My job is new. Hehehehe. 
I tried a new field which seems far enough with my previous job: food & beverages. For the exact is restaurant. =D Kind of surprising choice for some people, but I do this for my step stones to my next destination. We'll see. =)

By the way, this New Years Eve of 2012 is a nightmare for me. I got a night shift and trapped into a blocked road by people whose tried to make a noise by their motorcycle, which means produced too many smokes and it killed me. In several days, I collapsed at my workplace by the asthma attack. The NYE is just obnoxious. =(

But at the time, after successfully reaching home in NYE, I just read @benhan twits and it is brighten up my mood in couple minutes. I even copy it, so you could read it too. =)

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, 
but no one thinks of changing himself." 
~Leo Tolstoy #TheUltimateNewYearResolution
When we trace back people behavior, 
we'd come to a very simple conclusion:
everyone wants to be happy, no one wants suffering.
Our reactions to events are just like binary system.
Either yes or no, want or reject, craving or aversion...
Being biased means we strengthen our reactions to certain things.
And it could end up to the extremes. #binaryreaction
For example when you hate someone or something, 
and over time you'd be biased about it.
None of it will look good in your eyes
So why the hatred? Mostly come from bad experiences.
Maybe you're hurt by it that you can't forget. 
Again, #binaryreaction works.
So it's interesting to observe that someone hate you have that bias.
Nothing you do will erase it. Let alone hating him back.
But love is more fragile. Bad imprint lasts longer than a good one.
It's easier to erase love from someone...
When you don't hate people you don't suffer.
The one who's suffering is the people who hate. That simple.
Can we not hate people? Yes, we can. 
You don't like him, just let him go... of your life. 
Why keep remembering (hating) him? :)
We hate people because we're hurt.
So why are you hurt? Because you're weak.
Only weak people get hurt easily, right?
When you're being alert, you can notice hatred and anger burn the mind.
Thus the expression: heaven and hell are in your mind.
You can not understand how mind works without self observation.
It's useless to understand it from books. Never get the truth.
People who never do self observation don't know why they hate something, love something, being attached to something...
And when you don't know why you hate someone, most likely you won't know how to let go the hatred...
(in reply to @jpoerwo) when we can't accept other's opinion, why should we be hurt? Only the weak ones get hurt from disagreeing.
Love can easily turn to hate when you're hurt.
If you can answer the question 'why love can easily turn to hatred when you're hurt', then you'll be fine with your lover. :)

Yap. Everything that we do to our hater is just never right. Since the forgiving or even apologizing first, instead of the fact: it isn't our fault, do not bring any impression because of the bias, @benhan explained. Then, the best part of hatred is when we let her/him go from our life. I've been through this, and I felt relieved. And this new year moment might be the good beginning to let the hater(s) go. I've done, why don't you? ;D

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