Convo #1


B: "Lately I paid attention to the gangs, and I finally got each specific 'weird' things that geniuses do. John won't be able to answer or response to anything once he focused on one thing. And George will..
C:"And how about you?"
B: "George will wander around non stop."
C: "No, this is important question to be answered. It's important to me, considered as a closest person to you. Ain't I?"
B: "I don't know."
C: "Try to answer it."
B: "I don't know." (shrug)
C: "Those hurtful words?"
B: "... Perhaps."

C: "No surprise then."
B: "Gina just told me that I am definitely too much when I said Hera's core problem is her intelligence."
C: "Why do you think Hera had that problem?"
B: "Her eyes when staring at me when we argued. Just a reflection of stupidity."
C: "Well.."

* a conversation between a person who love Carla Bruni's songs & a person who believe that the other person was only love Bruni's bikini body line, not the works.

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