These Two Years


 For last 2 years, I can’t enjoy the habit/ritual for visiting families in Eid due to my pregnancy and Hayu still too small to go to long journey. So this year I went there. I did unjung-unjung.

I think it won’t be matter, to skip 2 years in a row visiting relatives at their home. 
But I was wrong.

I felt holes in heart, seeing my uncle looks weary and tired after surgery he had. Another uncle already reduced his work in field, because of his lacking energy. My aunt nearly in tears, just because I said okay to bring her cooking to home. Everything’s change. And those 2 years just like a fast forward button that I unintendedly pushed, not knowing that I’ll missed so much and feeling lost afterward.

I feel so guilty, for being busy to grow up by myself and forget how my beloved families are getting older too.

Let’s not forgetful and let our guards down even for a while. I’ll say “I love you” so much as I can. I’ll say “I miss you” as much as I could. I’ll call them as soon as possible, not waiting the ritual, not expecting the habit. 

Because now I realize how much I’ll long them when they slip from my hands. 

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