Convo #4 : I Thought You're Jealous


B: Just see, one day I'll tackle her down to give some lesson.
C: May I speak? You could say that you just want to give her lesson, but it sounds like jealousy to me. No, you ARE jealous. 
B: Me? I mean like she doesn't have any integrity and virtue to her own brain. She should look upon the truth and logically search the truest answer of the problem. I just show her the right way. 
C: Please, don't make any excuse. You're not a Messiah. Just admit that you're jealous because she's taking side on your opposite. It's okay. 
B: Perhaps I'm jealous, or not. But her attitude is not appropriate right?
C: It's her choice, though. Come on, let them go. Take the politic, maneuver and trick aside from your horizon. It's their problem if they wanna play dirty. If you jealous, it means you care. I believe you have higher capability, integrity, intention, et cetera. Don't let their moves take you down. Just raise your bar higher. For your own sanity and clarity. Will you?

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