Is it hurting you? It's hurting me.


Reality bites, reality slaps
It hurts, no need to spread. 
Stand steady if u dare to face it. 
It's hard, no need to doubt.

Yes, this paragraph will wake me (and you) the realities we faced.
I miss my family a lot. 
But the reality is: I have to stay at Surabaya till next weekend.
I don't know how long I could survive.
I'm afraid my soul will crack. Too many pressures happen.
Memory just visited, hurts me once more time. 
Present was just so intimidating.
I just could put my hopes in my futures. 

The fracture of pencil still useful, but the fracture of soul, 
we couldn't use it, Mister.
-Earth of Mankind, Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

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