Rumah Kaca


It’s fun yet silly when we just realized how alike we are with another person. Sometimes it’s hard to accept people’s words when they criticize us. Even at the same times we could spitting a lot of critics on them. Emm, not us, maybe it’s just me.

After passing several days later, I felt so klutzy for my unawareness. How come in my life I didn’t realize it before? And suddenly my mind jumping into the last episode of Pulau Buru tetra logy by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Greenhouse, Rumah Kaca. I remember the last part which was explaining why the title of the book is Rumah Kaca. The book said: for learning the social phenomena, you could put it in your greenhouse. Watch the growth of your “plants”, look after them, do the treatment. You isolate the problem in the world of nowhere. In your own world, in your Greenhouse. 

I’m a practical person. Instead of the fact, I do really believe on theories. I always practice the theories I’ve learned on my life. I believe, the theorist has been spent their time, money and everything for resulting those theories. So, why do I spend my time for learning everything from the exact start with them, for solving one or another same problem?

Simple example, if there is a rectangle way to get somewhere by foot, I’ll take the diagonal just like Phytagoras done. Sometimes the diagonal track is hot or through the parking lot, my friends will avoid it. But I have made a serious calculation which proving that I will spend much more calories and times with take the rectangle way. Life is short, why do we must spend it useless just for walk? Of course, it will be different if you do walk to enjoy the sceneries. =)

I applied Greenhouse theory to my own problems, it works. I put aside my ego to be the object of this research. I put my problem such a bacteria in a preparatory glass under the microscope. I do it time after time, and I get used to it, and will always do this.

But then, I realized, I couldn’t be selfish anymore. I start to practice it in other people problems. If you ask me of course, I’m not the political or religion orator. This is a useful knowledge for them. I have to share what I could share. I hope I could help him, help her in this way. Some people just need a little stimulant, but the others need full companion. For smoker, I have “take A cigarette” method. Thanks a lot from them whom asking me solution or just spilling their problem on me. I could learn much more at the same time. After learn and learn, I could see the pattern, I could predict the good next step. Lately, people think I’m guessing their problem. No actually. I just do the math, put your problem in my Greenhouse and voila! It seems clear.

I’ve shared this, what about you?

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