1st Milestone, CHECKED!


After graduated from campus, I've already had several plan-to-do. 
Actually, I look like a very-easy-going-and-no-plan kind of girl. Ah, don't believe on superficial things beibi. Well, I'm organized enough. 
I have 17 points to be passed and 5 goals to be succeed until 2010 over. 
I make it sooooo detail, just so I know, which track I need to follow. I've worked on several things lately, hard enough. And I smile so wide because my first point has ACCOMPLISHED!

There's always a first step to everything, 
and my first step had taken.

I'm ready to do the next gallop!

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  1. Gile 17 + 5 = 22, udah banyak banget tuh Von…

    Beruntung sekali sudah bisa konsisten menggunakan timeline selagi muda. Saya mah boro-boro, orang baru kenal timeline aja pas udah kerja…

  2. Lho, itu 5 goals separated into 17 steps/point to be passed through. Gitu lo pakLemon...