It's More Than Just A Shirt, It's Everything. =)


This was my 2nd year selling the merchandise of Gathotkaca Studio, local animation studio. It's a supa-dupa-long story if I telling you the history, so it'll be better you read it here.

It has been several times we were opening "pre-order" system. People have to pay before we produce the shirts. They pre-ordering by text me. I'm the one who answers all of those messages. We opened 5-6 pre-order, so it might be thousands message had been sent from my little-tiny cellphone. Hehe. =P

Some peoples ordered for several times, so I had memorized them by rote. I remember their address, their size and even their cell number. Hehehe. These people are our savior, our heroes. They keep our animation breath. Yea, we still fighting for take a breath. But then we met other brothers & sisters (we called each other as "Jeh", no gender discrimination. =D ) at the screening places and they metamorphose our breath into a full gallon of spirit. These are the real Gathotkaca Studio's heroes, brothers & sisters:

Grammar SuroBoyo 3 Premiere Screening @ Royal Plaza, Surabaya
SuroBoyo Peduli Sumatera ft Grammar SuroBoyo 3.5 @ Matchbox Cafe, Surabaya
Surabaya AnimNation (Premiere of CuloBoyo Juniol) @ CCCL Surabaya
CuloBoyo screening ft Kumpul Animasi 2010 @ GoetheHaus, Jakarta
Surabaya AnimNation part II @ MagnetZone, Surabaya
In our last production batch, we choose to appreciate our heroes more. And these 2 people are the both lucky. It doesn't mean that we don't appreciate another, but its our incapability for provide many gifts. Dante & Ryo, thanks for your loyalty. It means a lot, really, I mean it. 

Ryo wearing our Racing Lontong's shirt! =)

Dante Nararya =)

Another chance comes over, from our independent musician friends. They ask us to support their project to celebrate our independence day, in Surabaya way. Absolutely, with our limitation, we tried the best. Look at this, this is the rehearsal & the recording.
Now, I'm proudly present the result, Bestfriend Project in "Rek Ayo Rek" jazzy version! =D

Yes! They wearing our shirts! Looks very good on them. Our talented director Jaka Triadi (Monkey Make Movies) captured it beautifully. I'm very lucky had already know them. 

As my titles on this post, it's more than just a shirt, it's everything. It brings me to know talented peoples. It gives me chances to meet new and unexpected friends. Thanks for being there Jeh. =*

PS: This is one of our newest design. This one my favorite. I say it is CIAMSO. CIAMIK SORO! 
(It means guhhhhhhhhreeeeaaaaaat! =D).
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