Procrastinating Me


Time flies in a lightning speed. I can't believe that its already the end of two-third of the month. Aww, ottokee..
Many things happened, and will be happened. Yesterday, B2ST had a concert at Jakarta, and I couldn't go because I haven't had a right for having my extra off. Huhuhu, so sad.

Next week, my twin, She,  will be married. It's a big leap after her love life adventure. =D Then I'll catch her up in next 4 months. Aw aw aw..

Marriage. A big thing that took a big responsibility in it. Am I ready, or not? It's a common question in bride or groom to be. People say I'm still a child, too young for facing a marriage. A commitment which needs maturity and wisdom in it. Am I weary into this question? 
Yes I am. 
People still questioned me many times. They are questioning, but rarely told me, how to answer. Even giving a little clue. 
I know, this is my life. Probably, for this question, I should answer it by myself. But could those people remains silent, instead of spreading threats?
At the same time, I felt so brokenhearted knowing my best friend got divorced. I feel stupid and useless because I could not being a good friend: advising things, or being there when he tore down. I'm shocked and spent my time for a word: why.
This phase draining my energy, that's why I choose for doing nothing in several weeks. Being the most procrastinating human ever. No post, no sales, no community activities. I just stayed at my room, watching series and thinking. I opened my memory, collecting event in present, designing things for the future. I thought this is the only way to keep my sanity further. I don't know how to stop this, until a big argue woke me up.
This way of life as an ascetic has its period.  
I have to put my thought into action, in reality.  
Life might be hard, but it can be passed with sincerity. In silence and solitude, I could feel how God is here, lead me into an enlightening end.
I know, this is a stage of life. Just as another stage that I passed before, I'm sure of passing it in a good mark. "Tuhan itu sesuai sangkaan hambaNya", as I always said and put my faith in it. Then I know now, 
God besides me, what else?

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