Heart Month


 The theme of last month is heart.

1. The heart-thumping moment
My brother, mas Andre, opened his first noodle stall in Malang, in Soekarno-Hatta street for exactly. It has a catchy name: Mie Buto Ijo or Green Giant Noodle. I was fortunate to be there in Malang and help him. The noodle is delicious, I mean it. It's made with vegetable extract, that's why the color is green. And the unique side is you should choose your "hotness level" when you want to try it. It has zero until 5th level. First level equals to 7 chillis. Hehe. Yes, it's so spicy. Try 'em when you go to Malang. It has 2 stalls: Sulfat st. and Soekarno-Hatta st. I'm salivating right away just because telling you this. Yumm! =9
Green Giant Noodle, #1 level!
Am trying the #2 level. Hot!
2. The most heartbreaking short message
Sheila sent me a SMS that made me teary: "... last night all my bestfriends were there kcuali km huhuuuu....". Yeah, a pity me, I can't go to my beautiful twin's marriage. And yesterday she just left Surabaya to her hubby's, Makassar. After passing through many things, I thought she's already passed the tests and have a new grade in her life. A new and bright life. I'm proud of her. Take care, twin. =*

I should be there also, T_T
3. Heart-enthralling time: saying goodbye
I'm excited yet feeling sappy at the same time: when I should do "rolling" into another outlet. I've already know that I have to do this, but still, talk is cheap baby. I've fell in love into my team, my kitchen crews, feel so comfortable to work with 'em. I do really know what I should do is to do the same with the new outlets, but still -once again-, it takes time and courage and good willing to do it all. It's already 5th day in Q-Royal, and am trying to work my ass off on many things. Fighting!
Ah, these kids. =D
Could you see the heart-shaped in my noodle? Cooked by mas Poer, as my farewell. =')
4. My heart rang up!
If you noticed, I finally wore a ring. After a whole life without any remarkable jewellery on me. Hehe. But now I realized how the meaning of symbolic thing is beyond itself. How the presence is more than enough than a bunch of words of explanation. And it is really works for shooing any intruder. It says, "I'm someone's, you better leave", louder than another way. =D

And for the last, I'm quoting my friends post: 
"Some people are like cloud. 
When they are disappear, it is brighter." =P
However, my heart feels broader now. Surabaya's sky seems brighter. 

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