(Hopefully) Very Inviting Invitation


In my opinion, one thing that every bride-to-be should pay extra attention for their wedding party is invitation. Seriously, I thought that invitation took biggest portion of wedding-thingies. You should think many aspect of it: design, price, amount of order, production time, the delivery, etc. Remember that every aspect could affect your budget (paying the designer, offset production, stamp).

Lucky me, I have people around who help me a lot for this. My wedding invitation designed by my brother, mas Fatah (contact him here, or here). My friend Hafi, take care the production process in her boyfriend offset. People with relation mostly never failed me. I believe that they will do their best effort, more than people I didn't know before. I could check them comfortably and it could reducing the worries and tension in pre-marriage. =)

For the design, I don't have any obstacle. Rendy and I discussed about the color first. I give an idea with my most favorite colors: turqoise & mustard, and showing him this invitation (weddingpaperdivas.com) as a concept. He directly liked it. 
Then I told mas Fatah about the concept, the colors, and the personality of me and Rendy. I thought it should be representing us, immediately at the time the invitee received and read. As I expected, the result is awesome! =D
Almost every people complimenting this invitation: unique, very young, "it's definitely you, Vin!", cute, etc. Hahaha. Even Hafi, say that I'm the first couple use a colorful invitation. Nowadays, usually people choose pastel color, or two combination color, or earth color such as brown, gold, terracotta. Being common and ordinary is boring. *menjura* =P

When I started distributing, most of my friend whose not living in Surabaya or Mojosari wonders, why should I collect their address and try to send the invitation to them. They said: why don't you use Facebook or Blackberry Messenger Vin? It's cheaper and more practical. =| Reside to me, I feel honored when someone invites me in a piece of invitation, sent by him/herself or by post. That's why I want to do the same to others. Somehow, it shows respect. Then, for the silly reason: it feels so romantic when you stick the stamp. The feeling just doubled after you received the picture of your invitation in invitee's hand. Priceless. 
In post office, sticking the stamps!
Received by lovely Mirza (a.k.a Mika) Affandy
Last thing, remember carefully that invitation's for inviting people to your happiest day. So you should concentrating to the content. Make it easily for the invitee to understand your party/event. =)

That's all. In next 10 hours I'll face my holy vow. Hope everything goes smoothly. Happy inviting fellas!

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  1. Selamat ya, Vin :) always full of love eveyday :D
    salam dari Andang :)

  2. Maturnuwun Titaz.. Wa'alaikumsalam. =)