It's already 11pm, but I have a bunch random things in my head. Need to write it up or I'll be a perfect insomniac while waiting the sahur time: super exhausting. =|

1. Want to make a Paypal account for having a Pro-Toshl, but my debit card lost so I should wait until the new in my hand. 
You know, as a newly wed, one thing I should learn more and more is about financial plan. I do really interested in Toshl, a well designed and friendly-user application to help me do that. Salivating immediately for make this application as mine, in Pro edition off course. =3

2. Directly addicted to www.instructables.com
I don't think I should explain this. Just try to click and if you're not inspired, I doubt you as a human. Perhaps an alien or droid. =P

3. What should I do with the broccoli? 
I have broccoli in my fridge. When I bought it, I want to blanch then deep-frying this green veggie. But I don't know why, I'm losing my appetite to do so. Ottoke?

4. Bringing back the fit & active me!
Only 8 days in Jogja, except the beginning 2 days and I spent my days suffering many sickness in the rest. Phew. I guess it's all about the weather. Jogja is quite chill. And I've already used to the hot Surabaya. Influenza, cough, asthma, fever, sprue. I should adapt to the cycle of fasting month too. Lalala. I miss falling asleep because I'm tired after many activities, not because of sick. I will try as hard as possible to be healthy. Fighting!

5. I am a hubby's newbie assistant. Ha!
Lately, my hubby has a project which took many energies to be completed. I'm glad he's tried to make me involved. Perhaps by helping him write-copy things in formal writing, I could gather my confidence in writing a piece or two. =) *crossed my finger*

6. Library, bibliotheque, book-club. I miss 'em...
Books are my guilty pleasure, best friend and endless source for my life. I will start to find my oase in this town. Already googled-it-up and found that Jogja has many. But finding the comfortable one is always another thing. Wish me luck! 

warmest regards from Jogja,
Vinka Maharani

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  1. Get well soon Dear :)
    Can't wait to read a post about your new house.

  2. Tengkyuu Poet.. =*
    Still don't have a gut for posting things about my home. Too messed up! Haha.