+11 Days


Yes, 11 days after my wedding and I feel everything surround me are new. A lovely face beside me when I wake up, a new routine, a new place as I called "home", even a new city. =)

I moved to Jogja since several days ago. Still trying to adapt with the neighborhood. The weather is so chill, what I want to do just staying at bed, crawl under the blanket. Haha. 

Bad news is me and Rendy got sick. I got an asthma attack too. My target for cleaning up & decorating my home in a week just ruined. =( But in other side, with these cough and influenza on us, I feel blessed. Now I know how he's took care of me, how he could accept me even in my ugliest face. =P It makes a familiar quote reflects on my head: 

"Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up."*
Let me add the sentence:  
"The best part is, we (are) growing up together"

 *: a quotation by Joseph Barth

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