My First Rainbow Cake!


It's not because of last Masterchef Indonesia's challenge which make the participants should make a rainbow cake. I have a willing to make it since a long time ago, before married, when Rendy want to try but cancelling because trying to save more pennies to our marriage. Well, the second reason why I try to bake (steam, actually) the cake is NCCRainboweeks that just passed 2 weeks ago. You could visit their blog and start drooling, haha.

I found NCC (Natural Cooking Club), as a community where I would join happily. They share and encourage each other for having new invention and creation in any cooking experience. Just imagine, how 9.000's food & cooking enthusiasts gathered and emerged.  I've registered but haven't approved by the administrator. Hiks. =(

Anyway, here it is. I am not satisfied yet, but the taste is beyond my expectation and I'm really happy. I almost could not believe, how this cake with the dimension 15cmx15cmx17,5cm only need 38.000 IDR/4 USD for all of the ingredients! I should learn cooking more and more... 
Decoration inspired by the fact that Rendy is Slank fans and an activist. Hehe.

The color of red layer didn't come out well...

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