Bad Boy


Yesterday, I just finished "Pasta" (Korean TV series). The plot is quite simple but also realistic and well-delivered. In short, the story goes from a girl who struggle for chef position in an Italian restaurant, after 3 years being an assistant only. Unlucky (or very lucky, instead), the head chef replaced into a new devilish, arrogant, cruel, harsh yet brilliant guy whose later falling in love with the girl. 

I watched it with a lot of fun, mainly because I feel a connection and many "deja-vu"s splattered on their scene. Rendy is merely fit into head chef's character. His words could stabbed you right away, no yell or shout indeed. We always arguing, time by time. His aura is intimidating, ask his students. Let's not mentioning his arrogance, it makes he seems too bad. Hahaha. Until now, it's amazed me how I could fall deeply (too deep, maybe) into this bad boy and let him to be my husband. How come? =D

Matter of fact, girls (almost) always fall in love into bad boy, even at the end they usually prefer for marrying a good boy. I'm lucky I don't have to *grin*. The big question is: why do we always fall in love with bad boy? At least, have a heart for them. Why? 

Perhaps, it's about the paradox. When someone could be so arrogant, then put lower his dignity to say and express their love, it always feel nice. Or when he look like careless to everything, but actually put some attention to us, it is lovely. We've already used to into the stiffness, the harsh and strong character, but when he show his delicacy only in a person, whose heart can't be melted

Come on, how Juna Rorimpandey's tears could be a very hot topic for Masterchef Indonesia's viewers? How Ariel still be loved even after a few years spent behind the bars? Very interesting. 

Human's trying to find a couple based on two: similarities and opposites. Similarities could help you get along easier with your couple. The same hobby will make your conversations never boring, have same activities make you close more and more. But human also search their complementary, thus, they attracted to opposites. 
My bad boy in our early relationship. Look at his pose & gesture. =P
I feel grateful that I could find a spouse whose have many similarities & also opposites. I'm a "Miss Late" and he's a punctual man. I'm very stupid in music, and he's an expert in guitar, notice a note very well. I'm a total capitalist, he's merely a socialist in mind. We both have a high pride, perfectionist in our own way, and strong in different things. Et cetera, yada yada. 

Last question crossed my mind when I think about this topic. Then, if I have a son, which way that I should teach him: being a good or bad boy? I don't want he'll having a rough time in romance, definitely. =D

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