Visit Time!


Last week I feel so delighted because many friends visit me & Rendy in Jogja. First, Ryan & Asikin were here, then a bunch of Sinematografi UA fellas came to JAFF (Jogja Asia-Netpac Film Festival). They healed my missing feelings to Surabaya and daily conversation. Short, but meaningful. And now I'm on the beginning of busy time of the Tobong Project. Don't forget to follow our development in Facebook page or in Twitter. We'll show you our progress! 

Me, Ryan, Asikin & Rendy: at Lempuyangan Train Station.
Teetha, me & Rendy: in front of TBY, coincidently Red. =D
Rido, Ayu, Sofi, Nene,  Fatan, Rico, Arif 'Ohini', Abu and several friends from Solo. Happy!
And yes, you could check out my instagram too, ini @vinkamaharani or you could click here if you don't have an account. Enjoy! 

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