Photo Box (?)


As our 7 months celebration, yesterday, me & Rendy planned for watching Fast Five. He had a meeting in Ketintang, so we planned the nearest mall (Royal Plaza) as our movie harbor. Unlucky us, the ticket sold out and the level of crowded-mess touched the boiling points. I, personally, never like a crowd place. I could feel dizzy and unwell in a second. I asked Rendy to get out as soon as possible. 

At the middle of finding the way out of the mall, Rendy stopped and said: "How about (took a picture in) photo box?". It's a thing which merely couldn't called as a box, because the background is a curtain made by vinyl. People outside could see our feet (people inside). I didn't think and directly say yes with laugh over and over. Its price: 13000 rupiahs for 8 pose. Wow. 

The next surprise was: It is actually a PC, connected with a camera pocket. Do you know how to operate/how we could start take a picture? The shop-attendant asked me to move backward a little, gave a PC-mouse (yes, like what we have at home) and said: "If you ready to take a picture, you do left-click. If you want to cancel, right-click. I did laugh harder than before. =D
Thanks God the result was great.

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